• Lou loves artwork, and has started buying it on line.
    He bought a great pen original work, and we took it down to get it framed.
    Imagine our surprise, when we took it out of the backboard it was on, there was a SECOND pen work, even more wonderful than the first.:D
    Signed by the same artist and everything.
    I can't tell you how excited he was. Its really wonderful, this second work.
    Anyway, that is what happened at our house yesterday.

  • Sounds fantastic. Can you rub some of that luck my way please? 😃

  • Hee, I buy an lotto ticket once in a while, sadly, Lou's luck has not rubbed off on me!
    BUT I do wish you lots of good luck!

  • Houston

    What a great surprise..which one will be facing out? The first or the second one?
    You might have to hang it free from a wall so you can see both sides…

  • Sharron, what a cool find! It's the kind of little bonus in life that makes you smile. Can you take a picture of the work and post it here?

  • What this guy did, guess re hubby this fellow was really poor and took paper and pens from him kids to draw, anyway, this pen drawing we bought had plastic over the front of the print, and a really "sad" mat around it.
    So, the first pic, was matted.
    Well, we pulled the first pic out, and on the matt, which was on the back of the first drawing, WAS the second pic.
    Lou says the second picture is worth about $500. But we don't buy art for an investment, Lou buys what he likes.
    Anyway, it will probably cost us another $500 to get it framed..but what a great story.
    Anyway..it did make our weekend.

  • Oh, I will see if Lou will take a photo and share it.

  • basenjimomma, I wasn't clear, the second pen and ink artwork was on the back of the old matting.
    So, there were the pic Lou bought, and on the mat, behind the first art work, was the second.
    I think we will be getting both framed.
    They are really something. IMO.

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