• First Basenji's

    Cody normally only grunts, grumbles, whines, or screams. I play youtube videos of basenjis barooing and yodeling, hoping that he will learn to do that as well. Lately, he has been mimicking Moe and letting out a short, odd bark that sounds more like a human mimicking a dog's bark. I always praise him when he does it with treats and petting. A few days ago, my dad said Cody barked, but got "hung up", and it lasted a few seconds longer than usual. I was at work, so I was a little sad that I didn't get to hear it. I love to hear him make noises (as long as it isn't a scream, those break my heart).

    This morning after my dad left for work, Cody and I got up for his breakfast, and then we went into the living room so he could look out the picture window while I drank coffee. This has been our morning ritual since before we moved here. I fell asleep on the couch while we were guarding the front yard from the window to make sure no squirrels, dogs, cats, or stray leaves infiltrated our territory. I woke up to a few short barks and a little baroo as my dad drove back into the yard! I was so excited, and a little shocked! I praised him with petting and a few treats. Now we all baroo at him hoping that he will do it again, lol!

  • Nice! I know the feeling, lol. I think these dogs have got to be some of the hardest to try to encourage a "speak" command with.

  • Has anyone ever trained their basenji to actually speak a word or two? Was it successful? A friend of mine had an American Bulldog that said an excellent "I love you". It was quite something!

  • First Basenji's

    That's cool! When my mom has been gone for a few hours (or days), our mix, Moe, will cry "mama" over and over when he hears her car pull into the driveway. It's not something we taught him to do, he's just really attached to her and will get depressed when she leaves him for long periods of time. It's so cute.

  • Clever Cody, it's so special when they Barooo or Yodel. Hope Malaika is vocal. Not sure but i think we may have had a few baby yodels, a couple of growls and a few screams.
    She actualy screamed today when the big Cat stood up on the settee ready to hunt her down.

  • That is great. Zoes are far between and rarely for me 😞 though yesterday she yodeled 4 times in a row for my oldest son who by the way kicked her off the computer chair. I am so jealous.

    I hope you get lots of yodels in the future!!!!

  • Abbey's a big barooer. She'll even baroo at total strangers sometimes. Guess she's just saying Hey There. She does it every time she sees our neighbor Kevin who she is crazy about.

  • Kipawa, I knew a basenji bitch who would try to copy her owner's 'Hallo, how are you'. So it's obviously possible.

  • When I bathed Blaze, back in his younger days, he screamed like a little girl and said "murder". Luckily he's okay with his baths now, it was really freaky.

  • Houston

    Glad to hear that you heard him sing..Otis just started as well, very rarely but every now and then..and I just love it.

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