MAVERICK is Finally in Hawaii!!!

WELL WELL WELL…. LOOOOONG time no THread 😞 Maverick is finally here and Granma taught him a few new tricks!!!! Shake, High Five a Spin Dance on his hind legs and.... To Speak!!!! Thats right, Maverick will Yodel on command (though u need a treat!) Sometimes he cheats and just Silently mimics what it would look like if he yodeled, but still its Awesome when someone asks me "oh what does it sounds like, the yodel" and I can have Maverick Demonstrate.... Video to come and PICTURES too!! Just wanted to say I miss you all and WERE BACK!!!:D

❤ Kira


Awesome news, I bet y'all are so happy..yes pictures and video too..

Bet you are real happy to be back together - waiting for pics and/or video!

Good to hear I'm sure he'll love the weather there Lots of Sun time 🙂 And Welcome Back !!

Wonderful news. What was your reunion like? It will be great having you back here posting more often as well.

That's great news family all back together and before Christmas. Christmas and New Year's will be grand now that the family is all together. Welcome back.

Rita Jean

Great news, cant wait to see the vid of Maverick yodelling

Sounds like he is doing great! I can't wait to see pictures!!!:D

First Basenji's

Yay! I'm so glad your family is back together!

Aloha Maverick! E komo mai

Mahalo!!! Mai kaʻu ʻohana iā Kō ʻoukou ʻohana

"Thank You!! From my family to your family"

(Im still learning lol)

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