Oahu, Hawaii (Kapolei)

Im shocked to say ive seen QUITE a Few Basenjis since we got here to hawaii on Aug 1st!! Im SO excited because Im pretty sure there are at least 2 here in my Town!! It seemed like in CT that to see another B was a RARE occasion, its refreshing to see so many here on this ISLAND!! :)) If anyone is a B Mommy or Daddy here on Oahu, Add me as a Friend!! Maverick and I would love to have a Play Date!!


That is good to hear. I hope you find at least one to play with on a regular basis, that would be so much fun.

One of Otis brothers went to Hawaii. So if you see one looks like Otis you know were it came from.

Rita Jean

Sorry posted to the wrong thread, I'll put it in the right one.

I always loved Oahu, such a pretty area even though it is busy at the same time. It has a great climate too. I have traveled to that area many times - you're so lucky 😉

I remember seeing a good number of basenjis there too when I visited, great climate for basenjis, they love that weather.

Im excited to stop whatever im doing next time i see a B and introducing myself! I Hope they are friendly!! BC i might scare someone off!! lol

You should have come to the show in Ewa this weekend.
We had 5 entered and were there all day long!
Not sure when I am going back… and may even take a B and an IG next time!
Just got home from the weekend trip an hour ago 🙂
Was lovely weather, but with a breeze [unlike Portland!].

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