• Im shocked to say ive seen QUITE a Few Basenjis since we got here to hawaii on Aug 1st!! Im SO excited because Im pretty sure there are at least 2 here in my Town!! It seemed like in CT that to see another B was a RARE occasion, its refreshing to see so many here on this ISLAND!! :)) If anyone is a B Mommy or Daddy here on Oahu, Add me as a Friend!! Maverick and I would love to have a Play Date!!

  • Houston

    That is good to hear. I hope you find at least one to play with on a regular basis, that would be so much fun.

  • One of Otis brothers went to Hawaii. So if you see one looks like Otis you know were it came from.

    Rita Jean

  • Sorry posted to the wrong thread, I'll put it in the right one.

  • I always loved Oahu, such a pretty area even though it is busy at the same time. It has a great climate too. I have traveled to that area many times - you're so lucky 😉

    I remember seeing a good number of basenjis there too when I visited, great climate for basenjis, they love that weather.

  • Im excited to stop whatever im doing next time i see a B and introducing myself! I Hope they are friendly!! BC i might scare someone off!! lol

  • You should have come to the show in Ewa this weekend.
    We had 5 entered and were there all day long!
    Not sure when I am going back… and may even take a B and an IG next time!
    Just got home from the weekend trip an hour ago 🙂
    Was lovely weather, but with a breeze [unlike Portland!].

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