Finally a confirmation!!!
Basenji Mix

So I have now been waiting a total of 4 weeks for my new Basenji/Shepherd Mix pup. She will almost be 10 weeks when I get her on Saturday. As per the email I got from the Jefferson County Arkansas Human Society saying that she left on the P.E.T.S LLC Puppy Bus. I think this has been the longest 4 weeks of my entire life!

Everything is all setup for her, bed, food, toys, collar and matching leash, I got it all!

Will keep you updated with more photos!

Wish me luck!


Great news, so very exciting. We can't wait to see pictures of your little darling…

Good luck have fun and enjoy.

Rita Jean

Great to hear the waiting is almost over…. We want to see lot of pics!

What an interesting mix! Looking forward to seeing some pictures!

Congratulations! 1 more day. I hope you get a little rest tonight, although I see some tossing and turning in anticipation in your near future. Have fun tomorrow.

Loads of good luck sent your way as requested:D

Basenji Mix

I hope I can sleep well tonight, but maybe I should drink one glass of wine before bed just to make sure 🙂 Thanks!

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