• Medjai finally met another basenji away from the shows. There was a chubby and large framed female at the park today. I hear there are several basenjis in the area. (I'm so happy) The female was a bit standoff-ish though. She was defensive of the owners and after talking to them, the basenji has gained control of the house and is in charge. They also own a sweet/shy sheltie and a newer 5 month old mastiff puppy who was afraid of the dog park. Hopefully they will try to train the basenji some and regain the alpha role.

  • Wow…. sounds like a disaster waiting to happen with 3.... because Mastiff's can be even more demanding then Basenjis... and dominate/rule the house types... Hopefully they can get the situation under control...

    While I don't mind a Basenji that is standoff-ish... as they are supposed to be aloof with stangers... especially in a situation outside of the home... but sounds like they have more trouble then just that with her...

  • Yeah. They are realizing how much of a handful she can really be, especially when they saw how nice Medjai was. Once their B was around, he would go over and sit with them and be all nice, but she was growling/snarling at several dogs when they got too close just walking by the owners. They even had to step in a few times.

    I find those situations the best for helping teach people about how to be better dog owners, and especially B owners. They're afraid of their own B when I suggested putting her on her side if she gets too aggressive, they joked about losing fingers and said they never have given her a bath in over 2 years because they might loose fingers. Luckily these owners say they come often and are looking forward to trying new things to regain control.

    The B did respond a little to me, just tugging on the harness when she got snarly with the lab and didn't show any signs of possibly harming any of the owners or myself, so it's mostly their fear of the snarl than an actual aggression issue, but they should become the alpha or she will completely run the house and it will be chaos as the mastiff grows.

    It is nice to see how Medjai reacts to another basenji, especially a female who's the alpha. He growled back a little but never got near fighting and they actually got along after the initial couple snarls. They didn't run together or anything, but that's also due to the fact that theirs wanted to be around to protect the people and probably wasn't nearly as much of a runner as Medjai.

  • Yaayyyyy. I met another good looking basenji at the park today. It was a red/white that the guy got from BRAT in Houston. It was such a beautiful dog. I'm still not used to ever seeing another B at the park.

  • Houston

    I know what you mean. I have yet to meet one out and about. The only ones I have seen is Otis, my foster and three more fosters living somewhere else. I wish you could see more, but then again I don't. I like taht the breed is not as common as some others..

  • Great that you have met two other Basenjis Michael, i had Benji for 11 1/2 years and only once saw another one in the same village but the owners didn't want to make contact.
    Sounds like you may gradualy be able to help the first people.

  • I figured I'd see more, because there are a lot more basenji breeders around Tucson than where I used to live.

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