I FINALLY know what Hollie is!!

I've had Hollie for 3 1/2 years now. She is a Basenji mixed with Whippet. This I have know for a while…. What I didn't now was that this type of mix was called a Lurcher (also known as a longdog).

I'm sure alot of you know what they are, but it was new to me. A Lurcher is derived from sighthound crosses and is bred to hunt a specific type of game.

I always knew Hollie was a double sighthound, but I didn't know there was a specific name for this kind of cross.

I've learned something new!! 😃

Lurchers can complete in lure coursing with the National Lure Coursing Club, if that interests you. The NLCC is just starting up and is being spearheaded by the former ASFA Region 7 director.

I have heard of greyhounds mixed with Scottish Deerhounds, and called lurchers. I didn't know it applied to other sighthound crosses. I learn many new things every day!

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