• Isn't it amazing how our pets know when we're not feeling well? It took everything I had yesterday to get online to see what everyone was up to, then back to the bunk and flat on my back with the flu again.
    AJ was great…didn't complain about not getting out as much as usual and even acted like he felt sorry for me (licking my hand, laying next to me with his head on my leg...) He went to lay down on his bed at the foot of mine and would come "check" on me once in a while. He never does this when I'm feeling healthy.
    Love my dog! What a great guy.


  • I have found this to be true of dogs in general. Something about their social nature and their 'people reading skills' lend them to be nursemaids. Some dogs are better about it than others. I can remember growing up, we had a Scottish Terrier that became a complete 'velcro dog' if anyone was sick. He would stick to them like glue, until they felt better.

    You just can't get a better companion than a good dog.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  • Sorry to here your sick I just put this on another area about flu, colds put vicks on bottom of your feet put on some heavy socks and crawl back into bed. Put lots of vicks on them old German way only place my children ever had vicks. I hope your better. Your guy is special his way of taking care of you after your feeling better better give him something extra special. Take care.

    Rita Jean

  • Dogs can smell illness. They can detect cancer and a heart attack or stroke coming on before it hits. Changes to the body's cells emit an odor only they can detect.


  • Houston

    Dogs are the best companions, through sickness and health..I firmly believe that.

    When I was pregnant with my daughter (9 yrs ago), my dog, Lou, acted really weird around me one day, he wouldn't leave my sight and would almost hoover around me…..23 hours later my daughter was born..I really feel as if he could sense my labor coming on, before I even did..

    on a different note, my mother can smell certain sicknesses as well, like strep throat, we only went to the doc to get perscription when we were little she had already diagnosed it..kind of spooky.

  • My first basenji Pumpkin was a fantastic little furry heating pad better than the plug in kind. Somehow she just knew when I needed her!

  • 😃 Have to say that my beloved Benji was one of lifes takers and yes he would cuddle up to me if i was ill, especialy if i had a high temp this was because he loved the heat 😃

  • I've been using my grandmother's old cold and flu recipe: Half a lemon, three tablespoons of honey and a large mug of piping hot water, mix and enjoy…carefully. Add to this good old fashioned "Jewish Pennicillin" AKA hot chicken soup with lots of fat floating on it. I have never heard of the Vick's on the feet trick and will give it a shot soon as I can find some Vick's. It's not so readily available in truck stops. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  • I've been a bit under the weather as well lately. Normally Kananga has some distance when he sleeps next to my pillow, but the past 2 nights he's been literally inches from my face. Rather comical when he snores.

  • Hope you feel better soon - cuddle up to AJ - their heat helps somehow.

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