Ayo finally found another basenji!!

  • her name is sushi, and it turns out she lives two blocks from my apartment. Her owner stopped me on the street and introduced herself, and convinced me to go with her to meet her family and her basenji sushi… Very cute tri girl about 7 months old.. They don't know exactly.. They bought her from an ad in the paper. ... Ive heard of the breeder,...Not responsible at all, but better than most here.. Not that it justifies but.... They of course had no idea about fanconi or anything, but where very happy to learn and love her and take very good care of her. She has a huge house with fenced front and back yard and lives and sleeps with them inside. They really love her,.. They also have three fila brasileiros... I promised that I would send them all the info I have.. Hopefully they will get her tested and fixed, although, I'm not sure they will... I'll try... Ayo and her got along great, did the b500 all over their house and then came and sat between us while we talked..Don't have pictures, but will take some when we meet again!!!!

  • Very cool! The only thing cooler than a basenji is a group of basenjis!

  • Congratulations on finding a sister for your b! Whenever people see my two basenjis together, they almost automatically assume they are related, because they get along so well. 🙂

  • How nice to find another 'sister' Basenji. It's lovely to see them play together. How does the Basenji get on with the Filas?

  • She gets along great with the Filas… They are all girls,... Sushi is still a puppy but so far no problems.. I didnt interact with the Filas but they said they had great personalities, that they were really sweet and docile. You know Filas have a rep. Of being very aggressive!... ...

  • How nice that you found another basenji close by…and that you're there to give them the info they need on the breed and the info to get Sushi tested for fanconi. I hope that Ayo and Sushi have many more play dates together.

  • Filas are classified as Dangerous Dogs in the UK. Obviously a case of nurture not nature.

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