MISSED EVERYONE!! Aloha from Hawaii!!

  • Oh my SO Much has happened since my last post! The Hayes' have been Incredibly Busy!!! Geoff got orders to our new home port Pearl Harbor Hawaii!!! So Here we are, months later (unfortunately having no time to talk to all you guys!! You dont KNOW how much Ive missed the Forum!!!) Were Living in Kapolei Oahu Hawaii now! Geoff got to fly over here with me but Aiden and I are alone now until November. The Pet transport "customs" we have to go thru for poor Maverick have been Awful!! They have SO many rules over here. We decided to leave him with my Mother in Ohio for the Quarantine days rather than in a Kennel over here, i can bear the thought of him stuck in a cage for 120 days! But OH how i miss my BABY!!!!!!!!!! Its been SOOO hard for me, I only get to talk to him on the phone but i know he is at least getting the attention he deserves from Granmas house! I just want him here with me! We are not in Military housing anymore, we got a House of our own in Kapolei with a HUGE yard Just for Maverick and Aiden to enjoy together! He will be flying over here come the first week of November. IM COUNTING THE DAYS!!! I DONt know how I can do this is SO different without him here with me… When we talk on the phone he yodles and whimpers and it Breaks my heart, but i know Gammie is Taking good care of him! Im going to make another post Called "Help Kais in Hawaii" Please read if you have a chance! More to Come!!! Including HAWAII pics!!
    ***ALSO, Message me if youre on Oahu! Id love to meet up, Maverick is going to need Basenji Friends! (me too :)) ***

  • Welcome back to the forum!

  • Hi, welcome back. 🙂

  • Welcome back! ((Hugs)) for you while you miss your Maverick!
    Keep us posted on when he'll arrive! Then post pics when you can…;)
    How tough to be there in HI!! Maverick will be in his glory when he gets there!

  • Thank You All!! Im SO excited to get him here, i Just cant WAIT!!!!

  • Glad to have you back posting. It's been too long since we've seen pics of Aiden and Maverick. Hope you are all doing well and Geoff is off to someplace relatively safe.

    Welcome back!!

  • Thanks!! All is well here! Just settling in! I miss my baby B boy Maverick Beyond words! im counting down the days until he gets here! Im also open to fostering and helping BRAT out ANY way i can!! Hope to make some New friends here in Hawaii!!

  • Houston

    Good to hear that things are moving along on getting Maverick to join y'all in Hawaii. Glad to see you on here again.

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