May we introduce Malaika

Thank you everyone, we are sooooo pleased it's unreal.
She has met her feline brothers, Tom being a very laid back type of Cat is being very kind to her and allowing her to sniff, he's only hit her once and that was very gently.
Jerry on the otherhand is nervous and has exploded in her face as only Cats can.

Hi Shelley

Malaika looks absolutely gorgeous you must be so pleased, it was worth the wait!


Hi Shelley,

She is adorable and I love the name:D

Ohhhhhh, this face :p, she is gorgeous!


Do you work with Gorillas Andrea ?
I'm glad you like her name.

I did, before the kids were born πŸ™‚


I did, before the kids were born πŸ™‚

In what capacity Andrea, please tell me more πŸ™‚

Welcome little one!!!!

She looks too cute!

Congratulations Shelley, you have a little beauty there. Her name is fab too.


Sorry another pic, i just love her:D


Hey, she has really cute face. I want more and more pics of her :D.

Thank you Irena, i feel like i am going to turn into the biggest bore on here πŸ˜‰


Yes Jess she does have a hernia, thanks for the advice, Elaine has told us to gently push it back. I massage it with my finger and have managed to get it in twice. How many times a day do you think ?

I'd do it as much as possible, just when you're giving her a cuddle. My pug Delilah had a very large hernia as a pup but with lots of regular sessions of pushing it back in it closed up and has not been a problem since. She just thought she was getting belly tickles and loved it πŸ˜ƒ It wont go away so easily if it is an "open" hernia (where the intestines (i think) are coming out through it) and that would need an operation but it only looks like a little one so hopefully it will go with time anyway πŸ˜ƒ

Love the last picture of her, what a gorgeous face!!

She's beautiful, Shelley and I hope you have years of pleasure with her. Re the hernia - I agree, just massage it and push it back whenever (as frequently as you can). This often works but don't worry if it doesn't - it's not really important. Very rarely they cause a problem.

Very cute! Congrats to you! Keep the pictures coming!



Sorry another pic, i just love her:D

Don't apologise the more the better!


Shelley..she is so darling..She was so worth the long wait.
Her name is really unique, I love it.
I can wait to see her grow up..lots of pictures please..
What does Tom and Jerry think of her?
Again, Congrats on you new baby.

Otis had a small hernia too, but massaging it several times a day made a huge difference, it is much better to almost not visible anymore.

She is lovely Shelley - i hope you have many happy years with her

Congratulations on the new baby. (My Bryn is her great-grandfather).

Again, thank you everyone for your responses.
Petra, we have to watch her closely with the Cats, as yet she's still a bit wary as i don't think she'd seen Cats before but she's getting bolder by the day.
Tom is a cool laid back Cat and is very tolerate when she's sniffing him and pushing him along like a train, he's slapped her a few times but is quite gentle.
Jerry is rather nervous and has exploded in her face a few times.

Lisa what is Bryn's show name then i can find him on her pedigree. One of her great Grandads is Jolly Swagman who was my first Basenji's Grandad.

Great pics!!! Congrats on a beautiful B!

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