New Pictures Of Kai

Its been a couple of weeks since I've been on here and thought I would post some new pics of him 😃

First 3 pics are of his first day with us, the rest are from our weekend away in Cambria,CA where the evenings were rather cold so we bought him the cutest sweater 😃

He's adorable,in the last pic he looks like he's got attitude 😉
Love his Snoopy !

Lol he does have attitude, he's convinced himself that he's bigger than every dog he meets haha

What a cute little guy! Quite a differents between the third and the last pic.. 😃

He is darling, I especially love the photo in the little sweater!


ohh, cuteness overload..I love the one of him sleeping in the car with Snoopy sleeping right next to cute.

Hard to say which I like best–the sweater or the nap with Snoopy. He's too cute!!

Very cute indeed.

Basenji Mix

sooo cute!! little rolly polly belly! Loves it!

First Basenji's

He's adorable!!! I love his wrinkles.

How perfectly sweet!

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