It can happen in the blink of an eye….
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  • it happened today. the day I prayed would never come. Tucker got hit by a car.

    he unhooked, YES, UNHOOKED, his lead, and bolted, right into the road. he was outside for less than 2 minutes.

    he was rushed to the vet, and after many xrays, it was determined he had NO broken bones (phew!), no internal injuries (double phew!), but he seemed to have paralysis on his right side. his right front leg, and right hind leg… were stiff, and when the vet moved them, Tucker did not move them back.

    after careful consideration, we (us and our vet) decided it best to continue cortisol (sp?) for swelling and inflamation, and hold him overnight for signs of improvement (or decline). My vet thought the shock and swelling may be the cause of the problem... after a few hours of treatment, the vet called to say Tucker has regained some mobility. He can stand, and walk... a bit crooked, but he does appear to be getting better. however, one eye is a bit off now.. and my vet is concerned about a possible head injury.

    so Tucker will remain at the vet's overnight, and be re-evaluated in the morning.

    moral of the story - B's can unhook leads, and bolt into the road in the blink of an eye.

    looks like he'll be double hooked, and possibly hog-tied in the future (kidding on that last one!).

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  • that is so sad, i hope everything works out ok.

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  • Oh NO! Jessi! Thank goodness it wasn't worse….my thoughts and prayers are with you and Tucker...

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  • I am so sorry to hear about Tucker. I hope he makes a quick and full recovery. I am attaching pictures of the leash snaps we use. My husband started replacing all of our leash snaps with these after we had 3 of the standard ones fail in the span of 3 weeks when we got Rally 6 years ago. The are not easily unsnapped and have been very secure.


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  • Oh my, I am so sorry, you must be sick about this. I hope that he will get well soon!

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  • thanks for the well wishes!

    and lvoss, THANK YOU for posting those pics! extremely helpful!

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  • jessi, i pray tucker has a 100% recovery. keep us posted. hugs

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  • Best wishes to Tucker, and to you! We will say a prayer for you. I will be waiting to know how it goes.

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  • All my thoughts to you and Tucker!

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  • Oah Jessi,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you…I hope that Tucker has a healthy and speedy recovery.
    Please keep us posted on his progress.

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  • Oh my goodness! I will keep good thoughts for a full recovery. Please keep us posted on how he is today…
    I know Nala was able to get off of her lead until we put her in a harness, but the lead that Ivoss showed is perfect.
    ((Hugs)) for you and Tucker.

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    Oh I so hope Tucker is going to be ok…'s one of those things we all know can happen, but sometimes things are out of our control. thankfully It wasn't worse.

    Please keep us posted on his condition.

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  • J

    I am so sorry to hear about Tucker. Please update us as soon as possible. We will pray for him.

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  • Your story gave me chills. It's my greatest fear with Jazzy. They are just so darned fast.
    hoping to hear soon that Tucker is back to himself again.

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  • OMG Jessi!! I'm so sorry about Tucker! I pray for his recovery very soon. I feel so awful about what's happened & how frightening that he was able to unsnap himself from his lead.

    Could you please share what type of lead he had…I'm terrified now.


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    Jessi, my heart is up in my throat. How awful! I will be praying that Tucker will make a complete recovery and the paralysis will go away. Keep us updated. Lenora

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  • Hugs and get well thoughts for Tucker. I'm so glad to hear it wasn't as severe as it could have been. Hang in there!

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  • I have been thinking of Tucker all day! Do you all worry as much as I do? Seeing his picture on the post makes me feel connected to this little guy. I have to know how he is doing. Good luck Tucker.

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  • @barkless513:

    Do you all worry as much as I do? Seeing his picture on the post makes me feel connected to this little guy.

    Excactly how I felt when I read the message of Tuckers accident

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  • S

    I'll be praying for Tucker.

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  • thank you all for the well wishes and support, it really helps!

    we saw our boy today - the good news is he can stand, albeit not very well. we think his brain got jostled around in his skull upon impact, causing swelling, bruising, and damage. his left eye is bigger than his right eye. so if the left side is damaged, that would explain the problems with his right legs. they sort of fold over at the wrist (front), and his toes flip, so it's pad up pointed toward the back on his rear hind leg. he can walk, but 1/2 the time he catches the paw correctly, other half he doesn't. he wobbles, and even falls down. but he can move them, so they are not paralysed.

    he's still at the vets, on agressive cortisol treatments. they are keeping him another night, and day, and he may be able to continue treatment at home tomorrow night, but we're playing it by ear right now. if he has any set backs, he may stay there for a bit. but as of now, it's slowly getting more positive. we really need all the swelling to be gone, and some healing to take place before we can make any assumptions.

    he does know us, he scrambled to get to me, gave kisses, wiggled his bum (then fell down). he ate a whole bowl of food, drank water, and went outside to relieve himself. he's alert.. however, his beautiful prick ears are not a pair anymore. the right one is flopped. he has major bruising and a cut there too.

    it's slow going at this point. thanks again for the thoughts and prayers!

    ETA: it was a regular clip, like you see on the thousands of leashes in the stores. slide the metal part down, it opens up. it was a medium grade, for a 60lb dog.

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