• Hey guys.

    Kali has had some strange eye issues. When we first got her, her eyelashes grew in her eyes, causing her to squint and scratch at it all the time. We fixed that, but she always holds that eye closed more than the other, and there was always less hair around that eye. Now the other eye has way less hair around it, and she's sort of squingting in that one, too. She's also shedding a lot too, especially on her neck.

    We still have that stray we found in January. Could it possibly be that Kali is just stressed out that there's an intruder on her turf?


  • If she's loosing hair then it sounds like it might be something more than just stress-of-an-intruder. The stray could have brought something nasty along. Maybe there's mites or something. I would take both to the vet.

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