Duna's strange color change on her tummy!!!

  • hi, it's been ages since i last posted, but that doesn't mean all you folks and this super forum have been forgotten!!!
    No way!!!
    I'd like to know if anyone has ever encounted this strange thing. Well Duna, my now 1 year old female white and tan basenji, on her tummy, for about 10inch has, instead of o snowy white fur and skin, become reddish like her tan fur…
    At first i thought she was dirty and tried to rub it off, but looking better at the patch, i've noticed that her white fur has become red, like her dark contrasting color.

  • Houston

    Does she lick that area any?
    Might be a reaction to her saliva..sometimes white dogs, like my westie, turn orange/red around mouth, on their paws or any other area they lick or bite alot..at least me westie did..he had allergies to just about everything and therefor chewed and licked himself a lot on his paws.

    ..oh, welcome back by the way..

  • yes I know what you mean basenjimamma…thats the color you said...reddish brown...
    :mad:Well, the patch now is getting darker and wider. I dont notice her scratching or trying to bite the area...actually i can say for sure she doesn't. The other day i saw a dead flee on herfront paw and took it off...yes it was dead, then i searched amongst all he body, but, nothing. It probably didn't belong to her and must of picked it up going during her walk. It seems very strange a flea in winter...dont they die with the cold??😕
    Just in case i've sprayed her with some "Frontline" and keeping an eye on her.
    I know that basenjis are beautifully white always...and it upsets me to see that dark patch on her tummy!!!:(

  • Could you take a pic of her tummy?

  • yes Irena…i will take a pic as soon as possible...it would get the idea better....

  • Seeing it might help with suggestions..but if it was me, I would take her by the vet for a look see.

  • I hope some one can help…..with some advice:(

    Oh and an other thing...she's just 1 years old...but since her first heat, her breasts have remained a little swolen...can you see them in this pic?

  • Sadly, the photo didn't come through.

  • Its ages since i upladed any pics….i've found that imageshack has revolutioned every thing!!! So sorry...will have to try again with my other computer ( at work) where the pics are stored.:(

  • @Kalima62:

    I hope some one can help…..with some advice:(

    Oh and an other thing...she's just 1 years old...but since her first heat, her breasts have remained a little swolen...can you see them in this pic?

    Very normal… many Basenjis think that they are having pups after their heat cycle... and the breast will swell, many times too they will get milk. When was she in season?

  • Tanza…she was in season in october...

  • I'd like about the odd color on her tummy…it looks a bit sore but she seems fine and doesn't scratch or complain about it. The concern is all mine...you know what aprehensive moms are like dont you?

  • I haven't seen any of your photos. A message is up in your post "403 Forbidden" Is that just my computer? Does the spot look anything like the pic I posted in the following thread?


  • I've read all your post…i thank you so much...yes, its something like that but its spread more....as soon as i can i'll upload the pic again ...the strange thing is that last evening, with the other computer where the pics are stored, the pics reappeared on my post and were visible to me...I dont know if anyone else saw them....its so strange!!! I will take Duna to the vet today and let you know...

  • @Kalima62:

    Tanza…she was in season in october...

    Not surprising that she has some swelling…. had she been bred in October, she would have had puppies in December or January. I would say it is normal

    As far as the belly rash, again as I have said many times, don't rule out yeast infection. While they can be itchy, I have had bitches that got it and it was not really all that itchy

  • Our tri became allergic to grass a year or so ago. His hair was falling out where the grass touched his body where he laid in the yard. He also has food allergies.

    Our Vet put him on Iams Kangaroo & Oats, which he did really well on. The downside was the food had a lot of chemical additives and was $70 for a 25 pound bag, could only be bought through our vet.

    A strange thing happened though after about 4-5 months on the food. He developed like orange brown bat wing like marking on his shoulders. I kidded our kids that he was growing shinigami wings, (he does have the devil in him), or the kangaroo meat was changing his color as meat kangaroos are often the Red Kangaroo (half joking).

    Anyway, we switched his food to Blue Buffalo Lamb & Rice, which he is doing well on. After about 3 months his little wing marks disappeared.

  • I'm back…but i'm afraid it was impossible for me to take Duna to the vet yesterday afternoon, as the vet was out and i dont like any other vets to check out Duna. So i'll wait till he comes back as I see she's not having any problems......but I will tell you some thing strange though.
    i had a suspect of the cause, but eliminated it as i thought it wasn't probably that....but having read Barkless's post as to allergie to grass...i'm wondering again if it really is what i thought it to be!!
    yes...I'll get to the point: Duna very often, jumps on the wall of her outdoor space ( a spacious italian terrazzo) which is 1 meter high and then it has those kind of trellis fancy bricks for an other 2 meters. She jumps on the step that there is between the two kind of bricks and pokes her head and half of her body to see the people pass from down below the street( this terrazzo is upstairs). I've noticed just a few minutes ago that she leans on the wall with her tummy on the part that is brown, that's why her belly button is always scratched then!!!! Oh and on this wall where her tummy is in cntact with, there is a bit of musk growing....could she be allergic to that???? Sorry for my english.....:p
    ps. I'll exclude the yeast infection as Duna is raw fed since i got her nearly a year ago and i prohibit to any member of the family to feed her carbohydrates ( biscuits, bread kibble) etc..etc

  • So, maybe is like a rug burn, a scraping of the top layers of the skin?

  • at last…hope you folks can see the pic now...

  • For me, it looks like classic yeast infection….. I think that at one time or another, every dog I have had a bit of a yeast infection on the belly... (or in the case of the boys, many time on their testicles)

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