WARNING!!! This is a tear jerker

  • BRAT does really great things. The first video is very disturbing. The other two are follow-ups to the first. My hat goes off (eagle feathers and all) to all the BRAT folks who put their hearts on the line doing the work they do.

    You-all did wonderful things for a lot of dogs in 2009. Here's to a successful 2010.




  • Hopefully these videos will make some people think twice before getting an animal.

  • Those two are so pretty sad to have had a great life to go to trash but thank god for people helping them. Loving them and caring for them once again. If I could have one wish granted it would be that no animal ever suffer ever. My heart and thanks goes out to all of you that help so many. Thank You.

    Rita Jean

  • It is wonderful to see a how dogs can bounce back with food and love.
    BRAT did good! They do good.

  • Poor sweet things. Our Bongo looked nearly as bad (but these are so extreme) when we got him from the shelter. Now he's sleek and beautiful, and a happy, trustful basenji. All these pups need is some consistency and care. Sad about the owner, too, if the story is accurate. From these dogs' temperament one could imagine that they had been treated well by their "mom" once upon a time and must have been confused by the neglect. So glad they're getting help.

  • So good to see that tragedy turned around - BRAT really does wonderful things - situations like those poor dogs were in are not rare enough.

  • Bless you BRAT and so many thanks - it is so good to know that there are people like you caring for these poor creatures.

  • Houston

    I have looked at these two dogs for some time now and every time I cry like a baby..
    The proof is in the pudding, BRAT does wonders helping these dogs and others in need..
    Keep up the good work..

  • I pray that their former owner is getting help.


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