First Points!

Today my mom entered Bella in her first AKC lure trial in Riverside, CA. Bella was the only open entered. There were 5 Field Champions entered so the only way for Bella to get points was to run for BOB. Run she did, beating FC Zuri's Trii-Me SC, FCh and nabbing herself a 5 point major to start her coursing career. YAY Bella!

Congratulations to Bella

Woohoo! Way to go Bella!! Congrats!

Woohoo! Bella definitely knows how to start out with a bang!

Way to go Bella… that is super

Yea Bella, good luck in the new year!

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome!

Way to go Bella and Deb! Bet your Mom is super happy!

Fantastic start Bella & family! ūüėÉ


Super job Bella, congrats..

Wow definitely a great start! Congrats!

Thanks everyone! It was a really nice start and Trii-Me is a tough dog beat. Today there was once less FCh entered and still only Bella in Open. She mananged to squeak out the win by 1 point over Trii-Me again this time for a 4 point major! Two days of a coursing and both her majors are out of the way. Yay, Bella!

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