• Aries is finally home after a long journey! See: http://www.basenjiforums.com/showthread.php?t=7521

    She seems to settling in here quite nicely. Actually, she is walking around like she owns the place 🙂
    Including a few pics here. They are on Facebook as well. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=358825&id=630935536

  • Congratulations on your new addition. She does look like she is settling in nicely. Good luck on her in the future.

  • Houston

    I am so glad she is finally there. She looks to settle in great.

  • Congratulations! How did the Pet Airline work out?

  • I would like to know about pet airline as well.

  • Congratulations! 🙂

  • Yea!!!! I'm so happy for everyone.

  • She looks great and HAPPY. Look's like the babies have a nice warm bed can I ask were do you sleep. Ha. ha.

    Rita Jean

  • Great that she is settling in well! Congrats on your new addition.

    I too would like to hear more about Pet Airways…

  • Perfect… congrats and me too, would like to hear about Pet Airways

  • That's great! Looks like they have taken over your bed.

  • Brilliant news Nicole, please keep us updated with pics and stories, if you have time

  • The Pet Airways was really nice.
    They are pretty limited right now on both where and when they fly, but I am lucky to live about 10 mins from Midway, where they have a location.

    I didn't see on the plane, but Aries came out looking happy and unruffled, and other dogs we saw them walking looked very happy and wiggly. They were sweet with the dogs too, which made me happy.
    The flight from CA to Midway came to $257, so the price was definitely right. You don't provide a crate. They use one of theirs, and you can only send a 1 gallon plastic bag as the dog's luggage.
    They don't give them a bed in the crate, because they say that would make it so that they can't see if a dog urinated, and they may end up laying in it. You can bring a towel or a t-shirt for in their crate, but it has to fit in the 1 gallon plastic bag.
    You do have to reschedule 7 days in advance, or you loose your fare if you change your plans. The fare is not refundable before the 7 days, only reschedulable (is that a word?)

    They were good at keeping me posted with calls when I was nervous over the weather, and it gave me a lot of peace of mind to know she was flying in cabin.


  • Thanks for the information on Pet Airways. It is certainly a great option for someone wanting to ship and who might be close to their travel destinations. I hope that that expand one day. But certainly I would consider even if I had to drive to LA to pick them up.

    Glad that all went well and that this wonderful elder basenji has found their forever home. I am sure that Linda E. is just thrilled. And she looks just lovely!!! Kudos for making this happen

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