• Man I hate the winter!!!! so I made sure I got a dog who would hate it too. This is really zoeys first winter and she wants to stay out but even after a short while the dog is shivering so much I feel bad and make her go in. I have tried sweaters and a coat but still she cant seem to stay warm. Lizzy the lab just trucks on, you would think its a warm summer day so this morning I couldnt understand why Lizzy was whining while we were waiting at the bus stop. Here someone suggested Lizzy was jealous. I had picked up zoe and cuddled her in my jacket I guess Liz felt left out I had to crouch down and let her stick her head in there too. Now she was happy.

    Liz wants to be a lap dog but doesnt understand her size rules that out. When I get home from work Zoe will leap up into my arms sure I will catch her. I guess Lizzy has been watching the fuss I make of zoey when she does this because the last time I got home from work I Lizzy pushed through and made a huge leap up towards me. Omg did she want me to catch her too? I stepped back poor baby and she didnt get caught. I just crouched down pulled her into my arms and made a fuss of her down there. How do I deal with this lol. She watches zoe crawl up and lay on my belly and as soon as zoey leaves she has to give it a try. How do you deal with the big wanting to be treated like the little dog?

  • Most big dogs do not understand they are little. All 140 lbs of our akita will sit on your lap or try to just like Jaycee. Good old peeking order at our house your were first you get your loving now wait your next and so on. Long as everyone gets along we just had to learn to change. Have fun.

    Rita Jean

  • Usually, I have found, it's a case of the other dog thinks it's a basenji. I don't find this unusual. Once Lizzie learn's that she can't jump on you, it will be easier, but until then-you see what happens. The boxer still tries to either get on my lap on occasion or do what the basenji's do. I really don't have any suggestions except to just step back and bend down, but I commiserate!

  • My best friend's 2 German shepherds both sit in my lap when I go visit at their house. Not exactly a comfortable sit for me, but I love the dogs so I usually let them stay that way until I can't take the weight anymore.:eek: Seems to be a case of big dogs don't know they are big - small dogs don't know they are small. 🙂

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