Basenji Life: Apartment vs House

  • I am wondering how breeder's feel about the different lifestyles and advantages of a Basenji in an Apartment vs a Basenji in a House environment. There are plenty of people who live in both, some are lucky to have acreage, some are enjoying life in a big city. But when it comes to a choice of either...

    I take my B for daily walks, most days ~3miles, some days shorter, rainy/bad weather days are mostly inside. She is spoiled with bones, attention, and indoor playtime (with my son). But I've noticed recently that she misses laying in the sun. So, I wondered if having a yard wouldn't be preferable. I know there are a lot of dog owners who substitute a backyard for walks and interacting with their dogs -- that's really not what I mean. Just the ability to sunbathe, chase squirrels, listen to the noise of life, etc...

    Do breeder's (in general) prefer that their dogs live in one type of home over another?

  • @elbrant
    I think yards are nice (unfortunately my B only has access to a large deck and her outside potty station) but I think dogs want to go for a walk and explore. The long walks are important for exercise, interaction with the outside world, and stimulating theIr senses. As long as owners get their dogs “out and about”- it’s okay if you live in an apartment without a yard. Most dogs that are in yards would probably rather go for a daily walk for a change of scenery than stay in their yards.

  • Do you have windows that let in sunlight? Basenji's are sun seekers, and will follow sunbeams from window to window if necessary. I live in a house, I don't really get sunbeams through my windows, except for the storm door. Once in awhile if it is warm enough I will open the door to the porch (storm door is closed and locked), so the pups can sunbathe. However, usually its one of the dang cats that will lay out there. Do they go in the yard to sunbathe? Nope, not unless its truly warm and if I happen to be in the backyard. Every basenji is different. My guys would rather be out and about, not stuck in a backyard. Basenji's do great in an apartment, as long as they get in long walks several times a day. Nobody likes to be cooped up inside. Especially a basenji who loves the sunbeams!!!

  • I walk my Basenji twice a day. I also take her to a dog park two or three times a week where she can be off the leash and play with other dogs. It also is a large area where she can exercise her legs and really run at full pace.

  • My basenji loves to sunbathe in the yard, but he only spends about 20-30 min at a time and then comes in. I think he prefers to follow the sunbeams inside the house. He must be able to see outside. He'd be fine in an apartment. He will NOT go potty in the back yard, so we go out for multiple daily walks on leash or to the dog park for off leash exercise. I think he'd be fine in an apartment if there were sunbeams from windows. He'd stay outside longer if I was outside too. He really keeps an eye on me.

    Your basenji will be happy where ever you are (as long as he/she gets enough exercise and attention.

  • I think ideally you have a yard, but of course also take the dog for walks. Having to go out immediately when you get up can be a nuisance and every Basenji I have had will "go pee" in the backyard, although getting them to defecate can be a different matter. And rainy days can be a problem. Yes, you can keep a Basenji in an apartment, but bear in mind if you have an issue with separation anxiety your neighbours may not be happy when you go out!

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