Is a small studio apartment good for a Basenji?

No. Please get a cat, bird, mouse or something. A basenji will not thrive and neither will you

@joan-duszka , a cat is a good suggestion, preferably a middle aged rescue (or two!). Cats don't need to go out, and a settled, older cat would be good company that doesn't require a lot of attention, just a litter box and a comfortable couch. I hasten to add, no kittens! They are at least as good as Basenjis at getting into trouble!

@nicholas3327 I would not recommend it. That is a long time to leave any animal alone at any age. They are a very intelligent breed and very active. They get very attached to their human parent and being alone can potentially bring out bad behaviors cause by boredom , loneliness and they will get depressed. My dogs live in a big house, have a huge fenced back yard, and I still have to take them on walks and play dates. Sometimes my friends bring their dogs and they play for hours. They need space and constant socialization to thrive.

I agree with the my fellow basenji and animal lovers that it is not an ideal environment for any pet.

Have you considered a little fish tank?


It’s not the size of the apartment, it’s the nature of the animal. Basenjis are “ancients” with combination site/scent hound DNA going back thousands of years. If you leave a Basenji alone for that period of time he will expel his energy by destroying your home, regardless of size. The best way to have a great relationship with your dog is to be completely honest with yourself about the level of commitment you are realistically willing to make then choose the breed accordingly or not at all. I waited years before I was in the right place, with the right job and the right frame of mind to own a Basenji. Make a choice that’s fair to both you and the animal and you will never have regrets regardless of the breed. Good luck to you.

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I know you must be disappointed that everyone is saying, "no", but I think you already knew the answer.

I hope that, one day, you will be back among us telling everyone how long you ended up waiting and that you are finally able to bring home the dog you've always wanted. Until then, get yourself in order so that you are ready. Learn as much as you can about the breed. Dog sit for friends. Talk to everyone you can. Prepare for that day. I can't wait to hear about it!

I live in a condo on the 5th floor in an urban setting. Trigger needs frequent stimulation and exercise. I take him to doggie day care 2 - 3 days a week where he plays so hard he's content being home the next day to rest. Fortunately, I am able to go home and walk Trigger at lunch most days. We also hit the trail most every weekend.

what has been the experience of owners with exercise wheels-

@mister-science said in Is a small studio apartment good for a Basenji?:

exercise wheels-

The only thing I can think of is the kind a hamster, mouse, or other small rodent would run on. Can you be more specific?

I'm going in the opposite direction and saying I don't think the size of the house or apartment matters. They love to get out but honestly at home they lie in a favorite place or two. They really don't run around that much once they're adults.

The much bigger issue would be being alone. Being alone all day would be an issue regardless of how large the apartment or house was. All dogs are social critters so this would be a little like solitary confinement.

If you can take them outside for their daily exploration fix I'd think it would be fine. I think that people here probably would have a bigger problem living in 30 square meters than their Basenji would. LOL

@donc said in Is a small studio apartment good for a Basenji?:

I'm going in the opposite direction and saying I don't think the size of the house or apartment matters.

I agree. The space available isn't the issue, as you say, it is the problem of being left alone. That said, there are some unique problems with an apartment as opposed to a house. An unhappy dog won't be popular with your neighbours if it is screaming half the day. Bad enough in a detached house with some property around it, intolerable with close apartment neighbours with shared walls. Add to that the likelihood that the dog may hear noises from bordering apartments or the hallway that will set it off. As I said, for company a cat would be a far better option.

@mister-science, some people use treadmills with their dogs, which can be a good option if the desire is just to give them physical exertion, but won't solve their needs to get out and see and smell and explore.

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