Basenjis and small fury or feathered things

  • My girl of 14 years old loves to try and eat the possum that visits on her balcony sometimes.

    She has relented to the cockatoos and lorrikeets that come down.

  • I think one reason that no one has reponded here yet is that probably few of us have possums that visit nor cockatoos or whatever the last bird is unless they are already in a cage in the house! Sorry! My equivalent might be the enormous black birds that dot the neighborhood yards. They are the size of cats! We have lots of squirrels too that are basenji favorites here in the states.

  • Hollie will chase anything that runs from her… squirrels and rabbits are a favorite. She wanted to chase deer when she saw them too, good thing she was leashed. I don't think she has ever seen a possum but she could where we live... most of them are already dead on the road by the time we see them. Raccoons are a possiblity here too and bears in the mountains. We do not want to see a bear... Hollie would be a good snack for it!

  • Yeah…we used to have bunnies in our yard....used to, before the dogs killed them 😞 Then the smarter ones figured, not a great place to have a family. Also we used to have squirrels on our property, but not so much anymore. We were seriously wondering if there was some sort of squirrel plague going on...we don't even have any visiting our bird feeders in the non-dog part of the yard. We thought maybe the presence of the dogs had just convinced them to live in somebody else's yard.....

    Our main problem is in the spring and summer when the baby birds fledge from the nest. Our dogs stake out the nest for weeks; they have learned at some point a helpless little morsel will hop out of the nest; then I have to listen for the sounds of a terrified baby bird, dogs snarking at each other; get out there get the dogs corralled and rescue the bird!!!

  • In the apartment we lived in when I got Nicky we had a late night visit by a possum. Nicky went nuts. Sam thought he needed to go out opened the front door and there was the possum. Nicky was ready to chase. Sam just closed the door and then tried to distract Nicky with some food.
    Later when we moved to a duplex and had also added Rally to the family we a whole possum family that would tease the dogs through the huge picture window. They would sit out there or run along the fence. It drove the dogs nuts.

  • Yonae12, I see that you live in Florida now. Are the animals you mentioned in Florida or Sydney? I guess there are possums around these parts, but haven't seen them alive for a long time!

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