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Thank everyone so much for their responses. There have been numerous tests only revealing, gratefully, that it is not cancerous. Yes, the vet has referred me to a dermatologic specialist but in this difficult time, its on the edge of my budget. Don't feel too bad for him. He's happy, well exercised and shares nearly every moment of life with me. I rescued my favorite being on earth besides my daughter about nine years ago and although a former Dolphin, Sea Lion and Penguin trainer, I had know idea of the uniqueness of the breed. I will never be able to have a different type of dog. The basenji known as "Dr. Raul J. Gonzo" or "Doc" has lived with this irritant for the past three years and oddly enough pays little attention to it (No biting or licking) and it's not about appearance, he could be completely bald and wrinkled and still be my best friend. It's only recently that the condition has progressed and I don't want it taking him over. I am doing what I can to procure the funds for a Vet Derma visit, just thought maybe someone on this Basenji specific forum might have had a similar experience. Again, Doc and I thank everyone for their assistance and expertise. Hoping to have it figured out soon.

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My 10/11 year old (rescue) has had a chronic and progressive skin condition for years and numerous vet visits have yet to lead to a diagnosis. This condition is (mostly) confined to his underbelly and arm pits but now has been progressing down his legs. It is characterized by raised dry bumps with tiny nodules of skin protruding from them. I have had skin punches, blood tests, etc. and still have no diagnosis. Has any other Basenji owner had a similar experience?
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