Basenji Proofing Christmas

  • Okay. I lied. BECAUSE I wrote what I did earlier, this afternoon Keoki took a cherry flavored candy cane from the tree and ate about half of it before I caught him, LOL.

  • Mine don't bother with the Christmas stuff either-now the grandson is another story!

  • Timely topic - my tree (fresh one) is going up at the end of the week.
    My first beastie totally ignored the tree and presents. My second would chew on the plug for the lights until I managed to stuff it higher in the tree and would knock low hanging ornaments by accident (he was rather feisty). My third mostly ignored the tree though did try to drink water from it. And now Gossy - who loves shiny moving things and tearing into paper and loves running around furniture - well I'm thinking no presents under the tree until Christmas morning, no ornaments on low branches, and maybe I'll have to put the xpen around the tree as well (at least when no one is home) and I think I'll even put the Christmas creche on a higher shelf (don't want her chewing on the baby Jesus's head or a sheep).

  • You're very lucky you can put the tree up. I do not dare do that with my dogs, 1 yr. and 1 1/2 yrs. I have no doubt Shaye would scale the baby gate, and they both would love munching on the branches, pulling all the decorations off, and their B-500's would no doubt result in them running full out into it, knocking it over. Since my ornaments are mainly dated ones, from the first year we were together all the way through, and baby's first year, second year type ones. This year my decorations are more than counter high. Maybe next year. We did get a small fiber optic tree and bought a 2009 ornament on it, which is a small puppy with a wreath around its head and a "09" gold tag around its neck. It sits on a bar chest Shaye can't get onto - yet.

  • We have had our tree up a week so far not much trouble at least nothing deliberate. Zoeys curly tail caught hold of the ribbon and lights as she walked under the tree and was dragged with her as she walked away. Now they are just above tail lvl and no problem again.

  • As of today our luck as been pretty good with Jaycee she has only got caught twice pulling at tree but as I said caught. We have not got brave and put anything under it yet might do that tonight then we shall see.

    Rita Jean

  • She-Ra could care less about the tree unless it's time to go walk and she wants our attention. We put the ornaments on about 3/4th of the way down, but really she doesn't seem to care about any of them.

    The garland we've hung over one of our blinds? That's another story. 🙂

  • Every year we have a christmas tree, the Basenji's won't do anyting with it..
    Only our cat is crazy with it..
    He is crazy about the blanket beneath the tree and when he is playing with Chafuko he likes to run under the tree.. hoping Chafuko will follow him but Chafuko won't do that.. hahaha Poor Spaiky 😃

    We do have a problem with firework.. they like it very much (Spaiky included)
    We walk them a few hours before the firework start and after that we make sure nobody will open a door without taking care no animal can go with them.
    We once walk them a few hours after the firework started and the want to play it.. yodeling running towards the sounds.. (yes we had them on the leash so we could turn back to the safety of our home)

    When the firework starts, me and my mom will go up to the wheelhouse and my dad and Kas will go outside to play with some firework :rolleyes:
    The dogs and Spaiky jump on the couch to look at the colorfull sky…
    With now and then some big Yodels.. and playing..

  • This thread makes me appreciate being Jewish.

    I just have to watch to make sure the dogs and cats don't upset the menorah for an hour each night. (and tonight is the last night) 🙂

    Katie is quite cute though, she will stand up and put her feet on the counter and watch while we light it. She looks like a little kid when she does it.


  • Chaos has not once touched the tree or teh decorations, we were worried about it as she isn'e even a year yet. But she has been very good with it. Of course now that I've posted this she will probablly decide to make a liar outta me.

  • I am with JazzysMom… I never barracade my tree... and we never did it when I was growing up either. The only thing my dogs do is eat the candy canes... so what... no different than the licorice I share with them!

    This morning, Cha Cha was chasing the IG back behind the tree and that was his "hiding place" from her.

    I do remember growing up that the only time anything was taken off the tree was when I would hang dog bones on it 😃 Now, who can blame them for scaling the tree then?? :eek:

    We have our presents on the dining table right now... only because I was setting up a "background" for puppy pictures and then if I move them to below the tree... where is Preston/IG going to run and hide after he steals the basenjis toys??

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