The basenji and the christmas presents

  • I'm almost done shopping, and even done wrapping. At an attempt to not leave everything to the last minute this year, I have been wrapping gifts as I get them. I even put them in a neat stack in my spare room, leaving the bows off so the cats don't eat them.

    I was watching tv the other day, and noticed the house was just too quiet… you know, that "eerie" type of quiet. the type of quiet you only notice when your B is getting into mega trouble. So, I ventured around to see what I could find.... and then I saw it. Tucker, on the couch, surrounded in wrapping paper, presents, and a downright adorable smirk on his face! he found my neat stack of presents in the spare room, brought some to the couch, and proceeded to unwrap them. thankfully he didn't actually open or eat any gifts, he was just interested in the wrapping....

    note to self: put wrapped gifts on a high shelf, inside a closed closet.

    It was really funny. we all had a great laugh. I WISH I had a camera on hand. ahhh well... they can be re-wrapped.

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