• It's so painful but I want to share this..

    Some people already knew we have much troubles with our Princess..
    It's such a long story.. last almost 2,5 years..

    When Hailey and her littermates were born, we had a reservation for Chafuko..
    Hailey (she had the nam Bonus then) was the one pup that did not have a family yet.. At a dutch forum weekend our friend Mar (also her breeder and also known as Podenji on this site) took all the pups with her..
    We always have liked the Ibizan and we sign up to have a sister of Hailey for a few months (until she could fly to Australia) But Bonus needed a new family..
    We kep her into our arms and we wanted to have her so badly but.. .we did not wanted to sign out for Chafuko… and we sure did not wanted two pups..
    After that, We got Pentah (haileys sis) for a few months, we had so much trouble with letting her go..
    Well Chafuko came into our lives and we met the new family of Bonus..
    We met Bonus a few times and every time she jumped into our arms.. if she knew we loved her so much..
    When it did not go well with the family of Bonus we immediately said to eachother "she have to come to us, when she cannot stay there"
    Well that time came quickly and we picked her up..

    But.. she had some issues..
    We thought we could work everyting out and we enjoyed all the nice tings about her.. We gave her a new name "Hailey" and were so proud that our little girl came to us!!
    She is a very dominant girl and very unsure at the same time..

    We noticed she became more dominant to woman and after not too much time she bit me a few times (not very hard)
    We talked about the issues with Mar, and a other friend that has a sister of Hailey and it got better at some points.
    But... when I got less strict it all happened again..
    She wouln't listen to me and when I pushed her away she bit me.

    It's simple:
    When I am sweet to her (as I want to be and as I am to the boys) she will walk over me and she goes too far.
    I only can handle her when I am allone and be strict and distand to her.
    When Kas is around, she won't bit me but she stayes dominant.

    To the boys.. she is also dominant sometimes.. When we play with the boys, they let hailey play along. But when we play with hailey and one of the boys want to play along, she will bite them (not agressive but hard and scary)

    So, we talked about it much, and a few months ago we almost decided to search for another home for her.. Be backet our because it hurts to much.. she is our princess and she is SO sweet when she behaves herself.. (and when I am not too sweet to her)
    But now, a few bites later.. we had to talk again..
    We are too afraid she will get more dominant OR I be too late with pulling my arm away when she bites me...

    Last week we talked with Mar, and she is now looking for a new home. 😞
    I am too sweet and cannot handle her... I have a dog to treat him/her with love and with my heart... and it is not possible to do that with Hailey.. I just cannot be strict enough..

    We're crying the whole time.. she is our girl and in our heart we don't want to give her up but we don't want to keep this behavior.. it's not safe for me or the boys.. (with Kas and Ryan she is still sooo sweet.. )

    It's hard to talk about and I keep thinking about ways to keep her..
    She is our girl and now we have to let her go a second time...
    Our Hailey... 😞

  • Houston

    I am so sorry to hear about your issues with Hailey..I know you have made a hard decision, but only you and Kas will know what is right for your family and for Hailey..

  • It is unfortunate, but it happens. My aunt and uncle had 2 dogs, a mutt and a black lab. When my cousin was born the lab went nuts about protective issues and bit my aunt, my uncle said "enough". And, being the woodsman that he is, took that dog (that he loved) out back and … well, you know the rest. Sometimes it just doesn't work.

    P.S. That cousin is 35 now.?.;):eek:

  • It sounds like you have done a lot of soul searching to come to a wise decision. It hurts, I agree, but perhaps a consistently firmer hand will be best for her. Please do not look at it as giving up or as a failure on your part. Sometimes it happens that a dog simply isn't suited to its current situation.

    Hailey will bring much joy to someone and become a well balanced, lovely girl. I am happy AJ's previous owner came to the same decision. Had she not, I would not have the joy he brings me every day and he would either still be fighting for pack position with the other dogs or would have been put to sleep.

    You have set Hailey on a positive road. She will do well in her life.

  • Sometimes the right descision is not the easy one. And it sounds like you and Hailey just are not a good fit. I'm sorry. Of course Hailey has so many people who love her and are looking out for her best future.

  • I am so sorry I know this has to be one of the hardenst thing you have to do. Makes me almost cry just reading about Hailey. I do understand sometimes even when it hurts so much it's still the right thing to do. I do so hope you can find her a home and maybe you can stay in touch and keep pictures going to each other. I wish you the best if you were in states I would take her in a heart beat. Take Care.

    Rita Jean

  • So very sorry to hear of your problems with Hailey, i am sure you and Kas will make the right decision for you all

  • Aaw.. So sorry to hear this.. She's such a sweet girl and I know how much you love her.. 😞

    I hope she finds the right home.. It will be hard for her too.. 😞


  • I am so sorry 😞 As AgileB said, often the right decision is soooo hard. We had to make the same decision with our Ariel….that was over 18 months ago, and I still cry about not having her in our home. But she is flourishing back at her breeder's home, and very happy. And our other dogs are much relieved that she lives somewhere else now...

    But I understand your pain....hugs, and best wishes

  • You have such a kind heart, this must have been a very hard decision. As Kim said, sometimes the right decision is not easy. And sometimes 'love' isn't enough, some dogs need a very strong owner or they will take over. I am sorry you have to make that hard decision now, I imagine it is very painful for you all.

    She will be a wonderful companion for someone who has the personality to match hers.

    Hugs to you!

  • @agilebasenji:

    Sometimes the right descision is not the easy one. And it sounds like you and Hailey just are not a good fit. I'm sorry. Of course Hailey has so many people who love her and are looking out for her best future.

    Exactly… sometimes the right decision is the hardest decision. I had to make one of those a few years back when my Maggii and my Fatia were determined to fight to the end (as in death). Maggii being the oldest and the first in the home, along with no being the one that started it... was the one that stayed, period.... and I found a wonderful home for Fatia with one of the people I placed one of her pups with, it turned out to be the match made in heaven for all concerned. And I could not have asked for a better home. So while the decision is really a hard one, in the end, it is an easy one....

  • Thanks all for your kind words..

    Hailey is going back to her breeder, so she won't be replaced to a third home..
    She is going to live with her mom, her sister and her brother. 🙂

    But it's hard.. it's so hard..:(

  • @Buana:

    Thanks all for your kind words..

    Hailey is going back to her breeder, so she won't be replaced to a third home..
    She is going to live with her mom, her sister and her brother. 🙂

    But it's hard.. it's so hard..:(

    Kim, it must be very hard for you.
    But I think you couldn't find her better home than home with her dog family and with her breeder and you know she will be in good hands :).

  • Houston

    I am glad to hear that she will go to a place were she will be with family..it will in the end be a good thing..I know it must be so hard though..
    We will be thinking of all of you..

  • Your doing the right thing for your dog and your b at home. Hugs.

  • You have done the right thing with Hailey and you know she is going to a very good home and she will be loved. Look at how much fun she will have with her mom, brother and sister. My heart goes out to you and your family better days ahead. Take care.

    Rita Jean

  • Yesterday evening (a bit too fast for our feeling) Hailey was picked up by hte boyfriend of her breeder… 😞

    We didn't had much time to get used to the idea of missing her but maybe it was for the best..
    We maybe changed our minds if it lasted too long before she went to her new home...

    We are so sad... we miss her terribly...
    Aside of the problems she is such a sweet prinses...

    Little Princes:
    You will always be in our hearts..
    Even now you don't live with us, you are with us.. always..
    In our hearts...

  • Houston

    She will be ok and so will you..it is hard but this quick way might be the best way, like you said..
    I love those pictures, she is so darling..I must confess, seeing her and your boys together is one of the reasons Moses is with us today..I just love how the larger hounds look like big brothers..or sisters, to the basenjis.
    You are in my thoughts Kim and Kas..

  • Hailey is doing great, she doesnt show any dominant or extreme submissive behaviour at all with us or the people around us, she is a typical , very affectionate, ibizan hound girl for her age that just needs some more intelligibility then Kim was able to give her ,
    the other dogs allready taught her quite subtle, that she is new in the pack and has nothing to say when it comes to it, she understands and is perfectly okay with it, she knows her place in the pack and can relax too while getting a lot of human affection 🙂
    she herself also made very clear to the males that she is not amused of their advances and we confirmed that, and now they have a great understanding 🙂
    so it all ends well 😉

  • So happy Hailey is doing well she is so pretty and like I said I only wish you were in states I would have taken her in a heart beat. I know this was so hard for Kim and Kas and my heart goes to them but with this good news that will help. Please keep us up on Hailey she has became one of all of us we love you Hailey.

    Rita Jean

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