• All the excuses anyone who has ever volunteered at a shelter or rescue has probably heard for not keeping a dog.


  • That video made me go give Gizmo a big hug…. 😞

  • The I am sorry ya well those are a bunch of sorry people. Someday they may come back and hear I am sorry.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    what a sad clip…just goes to show how sad and pathetic some/way to many people are...it would be like me saying "I don't want to be your friend now, since you lost your job..", or " since you had kids, you look rather frazzled and I prefer to have fresh, young looking friends.." or whatever..sorry
    Thank you sharing lvoss..

  • It is sad… especially the one that hit me hard are the old ones... my goodness, our lives changed so much when Maggii, OJ and Mickii all got old at the same time, it is hard when they get old.. but they didn't ask to get old, sick, whatever...... but we learned to live with the accidents, illness, vet bills.... they ran our lives, we lived and worked by their needs... and was it worth it... every single minute, every penny spent... and when it was time to let them go.. in was in my arms and through my tears, I know that we gave them the best life possible and was able to help them across the rainbow bridge when it was time...

    As I have said, something "stuff" happens that someone has to give up their pet... but the ones that work to find them a new loving home and know that they are safe ... kudos to them.. to the rest..... not much you can say

  • This video underlines something I wrote in a different thread. People just don't think when they get that cute puppy that one day it will be a dog and it may live for 15 or more years. That's a big commitment.

    Then the dog is thrown into a shelter, confused and hurt by the decisions made by the people it has invested its emotional capital into. I've heard all these excuses and then some. Makes me want to throttle a few folks.

  • That is the saddest video - I don't understand how someone can live with and love an animal, dog, cat, bird - any of them, and then just dump them. I believe when your life problems happen to you, they happen to them too, but like your kids, you adjust and make things as good as you can for all of you, you don't just throw away the ones who are inconvenient.

  • How can you give up someone that unconditionally loves you so much. It's inhumane to say the least.

  • There are people in this world who think animals have no feelings or they will forget and move on…

    These are the same people who think disabled people do not feel things the same as everyone else.

    They are wrong on both counts.

  • Ms. Vicki, I agree with you. It's sad when people see their dogs as nothing more than livestock or property to be disposed of when they are no longer convenient. Most people who work in shelters do not want to put dogs down. They are relieved and hopeful when someone adopts a shelter dog.

  • What's always so sad to me is lots of same people will go back out in a year more or less and get another puppy. Ashley said the other day to bad when you get a animal of any kind youh ave to give your S.S.# and if you give back the dog what ever you have to give your S.S.# again then when this person goes after another animal it will come back what they have done and no animal. I know we do not have a perfect world.. Dreams do come true.

    Rita Jean

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