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    This unique video is of a tourist who sat on the beach to watch the seals and penguins on Gold Harbor , South Georgia . Unexpectedly, one of the seals is apparently attracted to her and, slowly works his way over to her. He seems to 'falls in love' and snuggles and flirts with her. It is quite an unusual and interesting scene. The seals are huge (up to 6,000 lbs), yet she never seemed afraid . . . more amused . . .. while someone shot the video of this incident.

    Gold Harbor , South Georgia, is located off the southern tip of South America . (sub arctic) It is a small bay five miles SSW of Cape Charlotte, with Bertrab Glacier at its head, along the east end of Georgia . The west end of the beach where a glacial stream flows is a breeding ground for various types of penguins and large seals. It is not a frequent destination for tourists.

  • Oh Debra, what a touching video! Thanks so much for sharing it. It never amazes me how animals can trust humans, when given the right opportunity. FWIW, Kipawa watched the entire thing with me. I wonder if he was feeling the beauty of it. He was so peaceful as he watched, licking my hand.

    Truly remarkable video. And such a wonderful thing to start out our Saturday with.

  • Houston

    amazing video..thank you so much for sharing..

  • Absolutely incredible…

    It kinda reminded me of an HUGELY overgrown B, the way it slowly came up and smelled the lady's breath, then did the gorgeous bendy neck to look at her as well 😃 😃 😃 ... Ok, so not a big B really, but you know what I mean !!!

  • Awwwww that's so nice.

  • What a beautiful video! Thanks so much for posting it - I've sent it to others I know who will appreciate it. The music is also very nice - must admit I worried a bit toward the end, when the total weight of the seal went over her - good for her ignoring the fishy breath to let the obviously smitten seal love her.

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