Joey the Lorikeet Videos

I dont think i have ever shared my Joey videos. He was just the best bird! He was an elderly rainbow lorikeet, his owner had passed away and no one wanted him as he developed an unpleasant screaming habit 😞 All it took was a bit of attention and he was the perfect pet.

I only had him about a year before he died of old age sadly… I still miss him loads, he was such a character!!

Here he is dancing:

and "singing"

and having a phone conversation! He'd do this everytime i answered the phone 😃

Joey looked a real character and he was certainly beautiful. I'm glad he had a happy year with you Jess.


Jess, Joey was so pretty, What a fun little guy. I am glad you got to have him in your life if even for such a short while.
Thanks for sharing.

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