Video of puppy climbing fence

This is crazy!


that was awesome…... such a B thing to do

I was worried that he was going to get hurt in the drop!

That was so cute!!! I was laughing my butt off 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

Cute, but too bad they live is a horrible pen like that

I was also worried about him falling & hurting himself or hurting himself in the jump, and my thought was "Why is somebody filming this rather than intervening?" Very cute & clever, but I couldn't watch one of mine doing something like that without stepping in!!

I'm guessing that puppy was still getting out, and the owner had no clue how, so they set up a camera while they were out. We did it with Blaze when we couldn't figure out how he was still getting to the garbage with the can in the sink. Turns out he moved a chair over there, picked out his choice pieces and moved the chair back… too smart in all the wrong ways...

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