Labrador Puppies

This is our last litter from our gorgeous stud dog Beau, he was neutered a couple of weeks ago and will be a pampered pet from now on, but he has done us proud with this litter, they look to be the best he has produced so far and we're very excited about our "keeper" Annie who is SO pretty and i think she will be a fab little show pup if she keeps her cheeky attitude.

Big, fat teddy bear!

Our girl Annie:

Look at that gorgeous face!

Really nice pictures, Jess. Looks like the pups have a great babysitter too.

Great pictures Jess!!!

They could use some great looking labs here in Holland!

Puppy faces….can't resist....the...puppy....faces! So cute! Congrats on the puppies! Annie is a cutie!

Gorgeous little Pups, Jess .

Beautiful pups, especially your keeper!

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