Podengo Puppies growing up

  • They are so beautiful - I'm looking forward to the stacked pictures.

  • Houston

    What beautiful girls and boys…I want them all. One day...

  • @dmcarty:

    Yes they are - there is a wonderful litter right now in Portugal from the breeder that I got my girl from if you are interested in something closer to home. She raises them in her home and socializes them the way we do so they are outgoing and friendly. One of my girls sisters lives in Sweden (or maybe it's Finland) I just forgot 😞


    thanks but no thanks 😉 6 dogs is enough at the moment, especially when the 2 b-s of my parents come over a lot also!!!
    and close to home is not an issue, I have dogs from holland, sweden, norway AND Australia 😃

    I might need your help on someting though, it is about the podengos and it is a nice thing, at least I think so 😃 can you please contact me through email? marianne@vanoxymoron.com

  • I'm starting to get pics as the pups are settled in new homes. one is of red now called Rudy with a Podengo Female called Six and the other is of Chebacca.

    Unfortunately due to ecconomics and people loosing their jobs (and houses) a couple of sales/placements fell through so if you know anyone looking for bigger sighthounds - share the information.

    Have a great day.

  • how many are left?

  • Too many 🙂
    I have at least 3 more males that I would like to send off. But we'll see.

  • They are sooo cute…

  • Houston

    I love'em. I sure wish I could take one..but then I wouldn't be able to foster, nor could we afford one more dog right now..although I am tempted.

  • Those are great dogs! I never heard of them till I saw them on this forum. Always learning something new on this forum.

  • They really are beautiful puppies. You have done a great job with them that was lot of puppies to care for at one time. I do so wish I could have one but we want another Basenji at one point and I could not have it then. Makes me sad as my husband will tell you I have this fit called I want what I want when I want it. Must be why Jaycee and I get along so well we act to much a like. Ha! Ha! I am sure you will get great homes for your babies.

    Rita Jean

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