Podengos in the snow

got a video that you might enjoy - it's still snowing in MN

Cute. It looks like they're having fun and good at packing down the snow!:D

They have really grown looks they are really into this snow thing.

Rita Jean

Actually - the one with the least white is MOM Hanna - the one with the white head is Libby and the one with white stripe on the top and back of his head is Quincy (yes the one you cuddled in St. Louis when we were doing the rescue run.) The puppies will be 7 months old next week - hardly seems possible they were little.

I knew I had good taste my boy very handsome. They are same size as mom. Are you keeping Libby and Quincy?

Rita Jean

Interesting editing job. Love seeing all those happy behinds (wagging tails) and glad they had so much fun.

Re editing job - while I would like to claim credit or blame - it's the program in my Flip Camera - that actually is 5 or 6 1-2 min videos All I had to do was click on which ones to use and pick one of 3 formats and voila - movie.


I love it..although I saw it the other day on youtube.
Moses would love that snow too, he gets really frisky when it gets coolish outside..and when the leaves blow in the wind.

Great video, thanks for sharing

Great video! Enjoyed the beat and the dogs playing.

oh how wonderfull they look !!! thanks for sharing!

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