• As many of you are sick of hearing about it - I have a favor to ask about the Podengo and AKC FSS breed. The AKC will be completing the split of the little ones (pequenos) from the medium and big ones. As the AKC considers breeds for misc - one of the things that they consider is the number of people interested in supporting the breed.

    Here's where the favor comes in. I am asking (if you want to) if you would consider joining our clubs. You have the option of being a paying voting member or (like many people from other breeds) you can just be a supporter and you pay no fee.

    If you would consider that - it would really help our breed be taken seriously by the AKC. Here are the links:

    www.podengo-mediogrande.com fill out the membership online and just don't do the paypal link - you are automatically a supporter member if you don't send money

    www.podengo-pequeno.com - this membership form has a specific box you check if you want to be an honorary member.

    It is a small thing that really will help our breed a lot - you will be on the membership list that goes to AKC. You will get email newsletter. If you decide you want to be a regular member you would vote on club business and officers.

    I thank you for your consideration.

  • Houston

    I am in..mediogrande, of course..

  • I joined too! Of course we would want a black one.

  • Can you review for the group again the 3 size differences? (small, medium, large)… and I suppose one could join both?

  • @MacPack:

    I joined too! Of course we would want a black one.

    lol, so would I! But the original color is pretty nice. For some reason I can't get the medio-grande site to come up. But I'll join both once I can.

  • Oops if it was black it would be a DQ! LOL

    Podengo Pequeno is the little ones - they are 8-12 inches tall. Currently they have the most number of dogs but with the Medio and Grande size bigger litters we are doing well too.

    Medio and Grande will be together as one breed - Podengo. The medio is 16-22 and the grande is 22-28. As our clubs proposed the split based on Medio and Grande can be in the same litter and have always been bred together - we really needed those 2 sizes to be one breed. Which the AKC has done.

    IN Portugal they are actually shown as 1 breed 6 varietys - divided by size and then by wire or smooth coat. AKC has not done varities in 50 years so we knew that was not going to happen.

    You are welcome to join one or both - or none if you don't care to - it just really would help to have people from different parts of the country and world supporting the breed in the United States.

    Other than for internal club business - like announcements or newsletters the ONLY people who would get your information would be the AKC. One time as a submission.

    Thanks to those who have joined and those who continue to support us.


  • Hey, Diana just joined both of them will help in anyway I can just yell.

    Rita Jean

  • THANK YOU - THAT IS HUGE FOR US - I really appreciate this folks - more than you can ever know - someday when you see the Podengo actually at an AKC show in the Hound Group you can say - I helped do that!

  • Houston

    I signed up for the Pequeno too..

  • How many times have I ask you questions or for help on basenji and you always answer and help. No need for thank you I want to tell you thank you for your help.

    By the way maybe I want to be the one to show off a Podengo in ring for AKC I told you I like them.

    Rita Jean

  • Well Quincy is just sitting here waiting LOL (he is the guy you were carrying around when we met for the basenji transport)

    My daughter just adors him but Thumper - her basenjis has already told her that 'one of these things here is enough'.

  • Houston

    Diana, I love this little boy too…

  • Diana,

    Quincy is just too damn CUTE!! Is he going to be pequeno or medio/grande? Those ears, OMG!!! How old is he?

  • Diana, I know who that comment was for and he is really cute your just making this harder and harder now stop that. How big do you think he is going to get?

    Rita Jean

  • These 'babies' and I use the term loosly (born May 30, 2009) are Grande (we think but no way or REALLY knowing until they stop growing) Both parents are Grande one is 23 3/4 52 lbs the other is 26 and likely 60 pounds now. I sort of like the funny ear stage - and they do have 'highly mobile ears' but nothing beats the flying nun look or the lopsided look. But as should happen with a good litter - ears are looking more standard now and up. They do grow into them.

    Rita if it makes you feel better - my daughter won't let Quincy go anywhere anyway - maybe you'll be ready for the next generation.

  • Thanks that really makes be feel lots and lots better I can see that your daughter and I both have great taste in dogs. Maybe on next generation never know if it's not to soon. My husband seen his picture today and said he just look's like in the picture a over grown basenji what do men know.

    If it will help I can sign my granny up also let me know no problem be one more on there if you like.

    Rita Jean

  • I'm in, too. Some are wire haired and others are smooth like a Basenji?
    Interesting breed.

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