• Hadn't bored the list with any podengo pictures lately so here are my newest imports from Portugal. They will be 'Big' they are just about 3 months in this pic taken by Laurie Erickson. This was about 5 days after they got here (Late November) boys ears are now mostly up - in this photo they were not.

  • Fabulous piccies. I just love the Pods and recently attended a seminar in the UK run by Carla Molinari. My friend has a Pequeno which I sometimes show for her. One day we'd like to import a Grande (or maybe Medio) from Portugal although only the Pequeno is recognised in the UK.

  • First Basenji's

    Thanks for submitting the great photos. I was glad you previously posted the Podengo, was not aware of the breed, and now when I see a 'Basenji mix' I think "maybe mostly Podengo…..!" Good luck and have fun with your new family members!

  • Very handsome Diane!

  • They are very pretty. I have no idea what a Podengo is though? Can you explain about the breed please?

  • gorgeous dogs, more pictures please 🙂
    Are the photos taken by a proffessional ?

  • I was happy to meet you and a Medio in Orlando, what a darling little dog. Would be a good partner for a basenji, about the same size. Love the wire hair.

  • They are lovely…

  • Very pretty dogs - they would make a great companion to the basenjis. The pictures are just perfect. We have jackets just like those for Shaye and Gemma - not that my heavier, b-mix Gemma, who has lots more hair, needs hers.

  • Well the jackets in that photo now only cover the whithers - LOL. I only have 2 remaining basenjis and Sarge is always my puppy trainer. He plays with the adults too - but they are smart enough to leave each other alone from time to time. The Grande is much softer than the basenji and a firm correction or harsh word and they could melt to the ground - SHHHH don't tel the Boars they hunt in Portugal. One of my first litter Moses lives in TX with a Basenji quite nicely. Always happy to provide information on the breed and as always anyone is welcome to join our club as a supporter (helps us for AKC recognition) which is a non-voting member. www.podengo-mediogrande.com

  • Laurie Erickson - I think I gave her credit - she is the most fabulous pet photog in the word. Has had basenjis and currently has Whippets - she is in MN.

  • Are there many Podengo breeders in the U.S.? The reason I am asking is that I saw a dog in a shelter online that looked almost just like your dogs. At first I thought the dog was a Basenji mix.


  • I have just found my second loves (behind basenjis of course)! Is that a common color for the breed? It's very striking…. Oh boy, that's the last thing I need to be thinking but boy, don't I want one!

  • The color for the breed can be any combination of red to fawn. My most current puppies are quite light in color - one has dark pigment and one has lighter pigment or selfcolored nose and eye rims. Sizes for the Podengo are 16 - 22 for Medio Size and 22 - 28 for Grande Size and they also come in a rough/wire coat.

    There are only 124 TOTAL registered in the US (and I know where every one is) however in the Medio size - you will sometimes find them where there is a population of Portuguese hunters. They have been in the country since 1898 - if the dogs can't hunt or run off - no one goes looking for them. We have about 6 animals that I've certified as Podengo via the AKC PALS program so they are coursing and agility etc..

    This is a different breed than the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno (little) that is in MISC now. I'm always interested in finding people who understand primitive hounds to join the fray and a Big smooth could be at your place pretty fast - LOL

  • Are your boys Grande size or Medio? What is the breed like? Are the similar to basenjis? I am really curious. It will be some time before I am ready for another pup, but I really like primitive breeds and your guys look amazing 😃

  • I have Grande Size - you can see them at www.mijokrpodengo..com. The pictures I posted are one male one female that I just imported from Portugal - pics on my website of many of my dogs. I do also have a pequeno (little one) but mostly BIGS.

  • No the little size - Pequeno is a distinct Breed. In Portugal they count them as one breed with 6 varities (3 sizes 2 coats) however since AKC has not done varities in over 50 years that was not happening - in addition to the Portuguese have the option in their registry to change sizes if the dog grows too big or not big enough. The Pequeno is not bred to the other sizes and is not a bred down big nor are the bigs bred up littles.

  • Cute!
    The truth is, this is also my first time to hear something about a podengo. Anyways, aside from basenji, they look like little weimaraner or something like greyhound?
    Is there anyone can explain the temp and info about the breed?

  • Podengo temperament - first as I said before they have a softer temperament than basenjis - harsh corrections result in a dog that will melt into the ground. The Medio size (keeping in mind I do not live with this size) needs to be kept busy - they are active and appear to do well when there is some pretty physical exercise and brain activity for them. Lure coursing, agility, even rally can keep them happy and focused. A couple of foks are going to try them at fly ball. All sizes like to hunt and must always be behind a fence or on a leash. I find that the Grande (BIGS) are a bit more laid back. They love to run, they will catch bunnies and birds on the fly and in Portugal they run down boar and stag. Their preference appears to be investigating their enviroment for any changes and sleeping on the couch.

    If you think of primitive hounds of the Mediteranian Basin - you get what a Podengo looks like and how they are. Similar to Ibizan, Pharoh Hound, Cirneci, basenjis etc.

    The little size - pequeno is a breed apart - it is smaller 8-12 inches and is not a bred down big it is longer than tall and is a rabbit hunter in thick brush. To learn more you can go to www.podengo-mediogrande.com

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