Question on podengos for Diane McCarty

  • My Aunt is looking at adopting a dog from a shelter in Massachusetts that they claim is a Podengo.

    Its seems strange to me that a breed as rare as the Podengo would end up in a shelter. Is it a mis-categorization?
    Is there Podengo rescue?

    I am sending my Aunt the link to your website. Is there any other info out there I should consider sending to my Aunt?

    Thanks so much,


  • It most likely is (sort of) If you are in sections of the country where there are a lot of Portuguese - many of them had dogs sent over or brought over with them from Portugal to use in rabbit hunting. The older hunting pack goes back to the late 1890's. They do not register them and it is unclear if the lines have remained pure or if they have included other hunt pack dogs. I have trying to establish some contacts within the hunt community but at this point - we have to focus on making sure the documented dogs are placed where they are safe and can continue with the breed.

    Much as a basenji - they are not for everyone. It appears that the middle size may be the more problematic and I'm not too sure why. I will tell you - after having a barkless dog that it's hard to get used to any barking.

    She looks like a nice little dog - and is trained some - happy to provide information should your aunt choose to adopt her.

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