• They were 4 months old Sept 30 and are growing fast. I've added some pics of the ones still at my house - and a couple that are at new homes - to my website - a few pics are from Aug but as a rule of thumb if ears are folded down or out then down they are august - up or mostly up - Sept 30

    There also is a running around my yard video with mom and 4 puppies.

    Still would love to find a new hound savy home for a couple of the boys. A few planned homes had some life altering experiences.


  • They are so cute and pretty I still love them. It's going to be hard for them to leave now they are so close to each other and mom you need to keep them together.

    Rita Jean

  • nope they just love going off to 'homes' of their own. I don't often run them all together and now that mom is in season again - as is my older basenji female - the boys are batching it.

  • Cool. Nice pictures. Can you tell yet if they if they will end up as the grande or medio size? I remember you saying you may have to wait till they are nearly a year old, but some of them look like they are approaching their mother's height.

  • There is one puppy - who lives elsewhere - that we have always thought 'might' be a Medio. He also appears however to be growing biggish. So the best we can hope for is to have one stay smallish - there is now only one breeding registered Medio smooths so perhaps if I have one that is only 22 - they might see some value in him.

    They are growing pretty evenly and seem to be on track to be at least as big as their mother (23 3/4) their dad is 26 and both parents are still growing.

    I have to say I may never breed their mother again - as all have turned out so well structurally and temperment that I would be afraid to get 'junk' the next time! LOL

  • Houston

    Diane, needless to say they are gorgoeus and we are smitten…bad. Does that mean that most of the boys you have left will be grande?

    We want one...grr.

  • They are sooo cute…but so big! And those ears, WOW!

    Sorry your prospective owners fell through, hopefully you can find the right home for the boys before you are too attached.

  • I think she maybe all ready attached. How could you not be look at there cute faces. What do they act like? Like a Basenji. Do they learn fast or stubborn? I go to asking all these questions then I will get myself into trouble.

    Rita Jean

  • Diane - the pups are beauties. I'd never heard of the breed, but am glad to know about them.

  • They are wonderful :p:).

    Before I kept Bujumbura at home I want one Podengo. But because we have 4 B's at home there unfortunately isn't place for Podengo. But I know one day (far-away future) I gratify myself and imort him/her :D.

  • Going to answer several questions at once.

    re: attached. Folks we would not be good breeders unless we were attached. The difference is that I KNOW that they will have a wonderful home with people who ador them. We spend so much time trying to get into their heads so we can find the right match - to get them what they need - I was/am attached to each and every one of the 11 that were born here. But I don't have to have them all to maintain the attachment. LOL. Heck I still get notes and cards from puppies I placed 15 years ago (they do better at that then my kids) I know that they will have a better life being the one and only or with 1 other dog rather than one of a pack. We have placed them (the podengo breed in general) as puppies and as yearlings and as adults - and they are pretty adaptable. Treats and a lap and a yard to run and they are happy LOL.

    re: trainability - I find them quite easily trainable - esp compared to the basenji. Typically they are learning to sit, shake and come in nano-seconds. A lady in the D-FW area of Texas has a medium wire that she got at 9 months and she proclaims them the Border Collies of the Hound Group. They are very eager to please.

    re: size - I believe that they will all be Grande here. Although mom is 23 3/4" and 50 lbs and dad is 26 " and 57 lbs - last time they were weighed. So not that big.

  • oops - forgot to answer what basenji traits they have - they do the play bow thing and bat at things with their paws. Like Ibizan's they have a leap and pounce. The big ones appear to be quieter than the medium ones - and in a group they are noisier. For example in the AM when it is feeding and go out and play time - the 4 podengo puppies sound like the seagulls in Finding Nemo - remember when they are all squaking 'mine, mine, mine" That's what they sound like. Funny (my hubby is not amused - LOL)

  • Houston

    Do they bark alot or are they fairly quiet in that sense?

  • Are your two boys that you have now show quality?

    Rita Jean

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