• Many of you have commented about my podengo Hanna - last weekend we had a specialty - with all 3 sizes. Lots of new people to dog shows have these and many from the audience were pressed into service.

    fYI - I now have a boy Podengo Grande - (god the shipping and exchange rate to import from Europe was horrid)

    You will see him in these pictures he is the one that curled up to go to sleep outside the ring.

    Here is a link to what a photographer was doing.


  • Great looking dogs! Very nice..

    I do think they look better standing with their tail down instead of the tail being held up.

  • Very nice photos. I rather like the wire Grandes. They look familiar. Weren't there a couple of movies with wires in them?

  • Actually yes the wire MEDIO (although they were sort of on the big side of that - and I don't think anyone actually measured them) was in several movies. Zeus and Roxanne (dolphin and dog friend) Second Hand Lions, The Lake House, Dantes Peak, Three Wishes, Soccer Dog. Also in a couple of commercials.

    There is a new 'star' in a movie for next year I think - but don't know the name.

    BTW the Dog in Winn Dixie was NOT a Podengo but a Berger Picard.

    I think re: tail up or down - jury is still out on what we will do for stacking with the tail. Doesn't matter for Hanna cause her tail just wags and wags - so holding it still in any position is problematic.

  • Wow! I didn't realize they had been in so many movies. No wonder they look familiar hehe.

  • I like Ouiser and Kangoo… medio wires.

    Kangoo is a blast…. all boy and goffier than all get out.

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