Podengo pups at 8 weeks

They are starting to go to homes now - but it seems that placing a couple the other expand to fit the space - they grow I think hourly.

Here is a recent video

How cute… they are..... wonderful Diane, thanks for sharing... it has been great watching them grow up....

Cool! Thanks for sharing. Are you keeping any? Hopefully we'll cross paths as I start showing more over your way. I'd love to see some of them are they reach their adult size.

I will likely be at the St. Croix Valley shows and have one or two with me.

Very cute - so, so, playful!

there adorable and i love how clumsy they are at that age LOL How come the B's have to be caged when there out ?

That's a great little video of the pups. Thanks for sharing!

Great video!!!

Our dogs immediatly came to us, when you start "calling" them 😃

Glad I could help with their training! On another note - I just heard from the Portuguese Kennel Club and in addition to being in the registry maintained by the Medio/Grande Club and the AKC FSS - since both the parents are FCI and registered in Portugal - I can register the litter there too.

So that gives some options should I want to show in Mexico while waiting for AKC to put us in MISC.

What a lovely video. Haven't they grown well? Mum looks as though she's enjoying them.

Of course she is enjoying them - I'm doing all the work LOL

Matter of fact - I composed this little ditty one day - hope you know the tune to the Hokey Pokey

I have been very busy - so hum along because "what if the hokey pokey is what it's all about"!

You put the puppies in
you put the puppies out
you put the puppies in and you chase them all about

You get the pooper scooper and you turn yourself around
That's what it's all about…..

You fill the food dish here
you fill the water there
you wash the bedding now
and they've eaten all their chow

You get the pooper scooper and you turn yourself around
That's how I spend my time.

You buy more dog food here
you buy some pee pads there
You buy more dog food here
Oh my will it ever end

You get the pooper scooper and you turn yourself around
That's what I do all day!

I'm sure if I had time I could write some more - but I think you get the idea what I've been doing.

LOL… so very true.... gggg

Love your new song. I think this such be attched to every puppy. Just to give people a heards up. Pups are still beautiful and really growing.

Rita Jean

Well Rita Jean - it's just a little old 7 hour drive to you if you need one at your house 🙂

Diana I would have been closer if I still lived in Iowa.

What would Jaycee do? I cannot run that fast any more I can just see a puppy and Jaycee chasing and playing together. I know when I held that little puppy it stole my heart.

Rita Jean


Diane they are truly beautiful. Hanna did great. How many are you keeping? I wish I could fit one more dog in…but my hubby is already at his limit..whatever that means..and I real like to foster for Brat.

I love the ditty - have I got your permission to put it in our club mag?

Please do - this references BTW a litter of 11 - Portuguese Podengo Grande Smooth puppies. The first in the United States. Can't imagine why I'm singing and making up songs - they are a lot of work!

If it would provide someone amusement - please reprint away just give me credit: Diana McCarty

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