• Just when you thought you never had to hear about them again - here I am.

    I forgot about this (and when you see it you will see why - dear God I know I"m 'chubby' but that couch was so low even short me had to scrunch up and the camera angle - ARGH) they edited it a bit so when I corrected
    myself when I mispoke - they edited it to my first shot. There was also more
    done with Indera talking about Pequenos but some of that is gone too. It was
    funny cause they sent me the information in advance on what questions they would ask - and then asked me different questions - ARGH. Dont be too harsh folks.


    You want to look for Episode #44

    Enjoy (or laugh)


  • For those who are interested in seeing some updated Podengo Pictures check out my photo proofs at:


    Photos by Laurie Erickson of course - if you wonder why there are random props with some shots - that is the item that was in their puppy picture so when I purchase and have her wipe off the collars and make me look skinny and young (LOL) I'll post the 6 week pic with their almost 2 pictures - you will also see my pequeno (little podengo)

    Enjoy the outtakes.

  • Houston

    oh Diana…what lovely pictures..I especially love the ones with you in it and all the dogs join you...beautiful. So it is Libby, Hanna, Indira and the basenji, what is his name? Did I get them all?

  • That basenji has good self control…not attacking the feather boa and all. I'm surprised I didn't see feathers floating through the air in the picture. 🙂

  • That is Thumper - MIJOKR'S Fancy Footwork SFB and she is mo 13 oe 14 years old. She was more annoyed about the indignity. But when we did this when that group was 7 weeks - feathers were flying.

  • Actually the group picture with me only includes the girls - there were 2 boys too - BUT Libby was in season and we sure didn't want that kind of picture. LOL

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