Podengo puppy photo shoot

For those who have followed the Podengo babies - had a photo shoot with our friend Laurie Erickson - a great pet photog - here are the proofs

Don't be naughty and copy as they have her copyright on them.


I love the gallery entitled "gallery" that has photos of B pups. I just love al the short haired pups.

What lovely looking pups… congrats Diane.... and thanks for sharing

It's amazing how you got them all together in the group shots. Cute pictures.

OMG Diana, you did NOT just show me all those cute little puppies!!! AHHH! 🙂

Looking forward to seeing them grow up.

OMG..:eek: How cute!!!! Especially the pics of them all together…

Puppy 'IMG_0960' is my favorite 😃

Oh they are so adorable! Makes me want to go out and get one immediately - glutton for punishment with a 7 month old B already!


They are absolutely adorable. Thanks you so much for sharing and for letting us see them grow up.

ooohhh you know how to make this very tempting for me !! bad bad bad!!! 😉

They are beautiful and the pictures are wonderful. I can hardly wait to see them. I just love the ones with wide white going up there face.

Rita Jean

What gorgeous Pups, the photos are great , love the ones with the Pups all together and also the ones with the toys. Thanks for sharing.

11 puppies all in one photo, and posed! She is an amazing photographer…or did you glue their little fannies down???
They are all darling.


11 puppies all in one photo, and posed! She is an amazing photographer…or did you glue their little fannies down???
They are all darling.

I totally agree, kinda funny… my son asked if she glued all those dogs together to get the group pics!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D

Should probably post a disclaimer - no glue was used in the making of these pictures - heck look at the ones where they are diving off.

Wow! Great job getting those pups together for the group shots. They really turned out good. 🙂

Well I would not want to do that on a regular basis - it was hard work - can't wait to see what shots Laurie got of my butt this year - she has gotten them before and kindly does not post them.

OMG those are all wonderful pictures.

I just loved this one though, it just cracks me up

Well as if 11 puppies are not enough - I'm loading them up and taking them to our specialty in Houston, Tx. If anyone is going to be at the Reliant Shows next weekend - stop by and say hi at the Podengo grooming are or booth.

If you live in the area - we are going to need some extra hands at our specialty Sat evening after BIS - to take dogs back in the ring. Too few of us - too many dogs.

Here is a video I shot this weekend at their 8 week mark - I swear I put them out and they come back in 1 inch taller:

You will find some other videos there as well of the same day a little later (I'm too stupid to splice together) and previous videos as well.


They are so cute and boy have they gotten big. Is that Hanna I saw running around with them? Are you keeping any of them? I would keep'em all..my husband would move out, but oh well, so be it…LOL

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