Ridgeback puppies!

Hi there!
My very good friend is expecting ridgeback puppies from absolutly fabulous mating of her bitch Kira with handsome African Grand!
Maybe you know someone interested 😉

Hey hey, that male looks really amazingly 🆒.

He is. We met him at WDS in Bratislava and he is the real eyecatcher with character to die for.

Sigh. Beautiful. I've always loved Ridgebacks. They were on my "I want a" list, but dh doesn't like large dogs.

They are amazing. Perfectly fit to basenjis 🙂


Beutiful match, those puppies are going to be so pretty…

That male is absolutely STUNNING!! And mommy to be doesn't look bad either! Very nice! Can't wait to see the puppies! (You'll post pics of them as well.. right? ;))

Gorgeous! What lovely Ridgebacks.

Sooo, here they are! 4 weeks old little red babies!

Wow, they are too cute :D. But 11 pups, poor mom :eek::D.

Those puppies are adorable. I love the picture of the one paw, and the one with the big yawn. Sure a big litter, but they all look nice and healthy.

There are 11 puppies in the litter….qiute often in ridgebacks....I was there when they were coming to this world, so they are like my own....little babies 🙂

what lovely photos. What gorgeous puppies…so cute.

Thank you, we are keeping a girl! I am so excited!

11 puppies..wow. That is a lot of pups to find good homes for..
I love RR. They are beautiful dogs.

Puppy pile! Cool! :D:p:D

Wonderful pics of beautiful pups! RR's are great dogs! And congrats on the fact that you are keeping one!! Fun, fun, fun!! 😃

Thank you, Janneke….it will be impossible to let all them go....so we are keeping a girl in coownership with the breeder!

I love Ridgebacks, have two and they are superb dogs. You are very lucky.


Wonderful pictures. good to see they are doing so well. Congrats.

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