• I was at a dog show yesterday and today doing some meet the breed and judges hands on activities with the Podengos. It was also a good time to look over rally and agility and let them see the big Podengo. Today I went and my daughter and her puppy as well as another puppy (I do have a few LOL) went too - we were around the vendors when this lady shreeked. "Oh my God its the Flower Puppies!" She turned to the ladies around her - to the vendors near by and announced - "you have to see this youtube video - just type in puppies and flowers and you will get it - it is so funny you'll just die." (I think it's cute but not quite to that extreme)
    For the next hour as we were trying to get 2 puppies walking in the same direction - while being stopped by other dogs, kids and adults we would from time to time be treated by her yelling out again - "see they are still here" to another bunch of folks that she would bring over to meet the 'flower puppies'. It was too funny - she was not a dog show person but obviously likes dogs and for her to recognize them was too funny. I thought she would ask for an autograph!

    If you didn't see it the first time - here's what the fuss was about

    Who would have thunk-it!

  • I am sorry about your flowers but the puppies are great. This was great to see it was funny I loved it. How many do you have left??

    Rita Jean

  • 6 but several are pending - just hope all goes through before the snow flies.

  • Houston

    I love it, to me it is so sweet and funny. I love your comments. Thanks you so much for sharing. We are still thinking hard about a puppy..my husband is almost won over..he actually is playing with the thought more then I am.. the podengos fascinate him.

  • Maybe you should have them on Twitter…then she can follow them! LOL! Love the video - again!

  • I know you will find good homes for them. One nice thing if you have snow the yard can have a rest.

    Rita Jean

  • @dmcarty:

    6 but several are pending - just hope all goes through before the snow flies.

    Oh, Oh, guess what I want for Christmas?


  • Watch what you wish for - ….. LOL Planes carrying puppies do fly to Georgia!

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