• Alright, I'll admit it I am not very domestic. While DH is deployed I eat out a lot (in return for that I am now spending more time at the YMCA to lose that weight :o ). I tried to find canned pumpkin for the furkids while shopping at Wal-Mart but could not find it, what aisle would that be in? I looked in the canned goods area, I know it is not the pumpkin pie filling so I know that area wasn't right. Anyone who is on the east coast and could recommend a store please help me out.

    Jenn, Domestically challenged Mom of Chase and Zahra

  • Well, I am no longer from the east coast, but it is in the Veggie isle… or you could ask... and lots of time it is with the premade pumpkin pie filling cause some people make it from scratch....

  • At Wal-mart it is in the Baking Goods aisle, where the flour & sugar is!

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