• I have just been suckered into fostering a miniature bunny and trying to find the little booger a home. The owner has to move to Idaho, will have to live with someone else and cannot take the bunny.

    He's here now, and I am finding that no one else really wants a bunny.
    He's litter box trained and so could live indoors or out, he walks on a leash {can you believe that?}, comes with a carry cage, small cage, bed, hutch, litter box, food dishes, feed, toys, water bottles….. and no one wants him. The only person I know who has rabbits raises them for food and this little guy is going on no one's dinner plate!

    My Basenjis both want him.... for dinner! They are going nuts trying to get to him. Keoki is particularly determined to get his feet into that cage. Right now the cage is outside on the porch, on top of a large table, with two ex-pens set up around it to keep the Basenjis at bay.

    Egads, what have I gotten myself into? A bit of a rabbit stew.....

  • Can you say "lure coursing"? :eek:

  • Maybe you can convince your Bs that he's just a funny-lookin', flashy tri B that smells different?

    I can feel some of your pain. We took care of a bunny for a vacationing neighbor, and boyOboy did Magnum want at 'im! Good luck!

  • oh i loves bunnies. If i didn't have basenjis, i'd have one, or two. There are even groups that do bunny agility!

  • EL D flushed up a bunny late last night in the yard so my cartoon bubble says –
    bunny agility = keeping ahead of the basenji and turning when he least expects it 😃

  • Awww he's cute! I hope you find him a forever home before the basenjis manage to break through & have him for supper! Haha.

  • Our humane society places bunnys…maybe yours does as well.
    I would give them a call.

  • I had an email from a woman on a local homeschool forum who is very interested.
    If it works out, my kids will be crushed, but dh will be happy, and the bunny will be happier,I am sure .

    In the mean time, both Basenjis are soaked when the come in from going out to potty – not from rain, but from me standing by the bunny cage with my squirt bottle. LOL

  • My niece had a bunny and set up just like you have. Whenever I went over with Sahara she would go straight to the area that she kept the bunny. It lived for about 9 yrs. and one day they got up and it had died. My sister's Maltese, and Lab didn't bother the bunny but Sahara wanted it real bad. Good Luck placing it in a good home. I will be sending pictures to your daughter real soon, thanks.

  • That's a really cute bunny, I hope the local woman works out and gives the bun a good home!

    Good luck,
    Anne in Tampa

  • HOPEFUL that I've sent him to a new home! The woman and her little girl came and got him today. The little girl has some disabilities and was wanting a little bunny to cuddle and teach sign language to; how cute is that?

    There are other children in the family and they have a dog, but I think this little one just wanted something peaceful and quiet that would be just her special friend. She was so excited today and helped carry everything out to their van. Also, very gentle when she petted him, so I have high hopes!
    This may be just what they both needed.

  • Oh! What a nice story! I hope that works out- I could see a bunny being a perfect pet for children with disabilities.

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