My other "babies"…no offense intended to my children. LOL

  • If I did this correctly:

    Here are the rest of my hairy babies.
    The orange cat is Ginger, the smart cat that largely ignores/avoids Jazz
    The black cat is Nerf, The Cat That Runs
    The other dog is Gypsy, age 12.
    And the photo of the two dogs sleeping was just to say, "Does that look comfortable to anyone?"

    We also have misc. fish, but they are camera shy.
    And we used to have a rabbit in a pen out side, but he passed away last summer at the age of ten. Jazzy and the rabbit used to {kind of} play together. I think the rabbit was playing, and Jazz was trying to figure out how to eat him w/out getting in trouble! LOL


  • beautiful family!!

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