Jazzy's "pack"

In an attempt to squelch the accusations by my children that I love Jazzy best :rolleyes: , I thought I'd post a photo of them too.

If any of them ever win a blue ribbon in a conformation class, I'll be sure to let you know. 😃

am I?

HERE's the picture of Jazzy's "pack-mates"


What a good looking family you have and a beautiful view of the mountains.

you have a cute family. how lucky you are to have three boys and three girls.

They are a handsome family and would sure win…and you do have a gorgeous view of the mountains. Jazzy is very lucky indeed.

Thanks! I like them too.<grin>

but the mountains are not "ours". That was a photo taken on vacation in the Smokeys. We live in Washington, though, and do have plenty of gorgeous mountains to enjoy also!</grin>

Aha! I'd love to get down to that neck of the woods and "yours" too! "Ours" (The Green Mountains in VT) are pretty too, but not as big as out west!

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