• My brother's beloved schnauzer Buster had to be put down on Christmas Day.. can you imagine…. he was 7.5 yrs old and had recently been diagnosed with Diabetes.

    I can't help but wonder.....was it really Fanconi? Schnauzers are one of the breeds afflicted with Fanconi. It makes me sad to think that maybe ol' Buster didn't have to die. 😞

    I sent my SIL info to pass on to her vet, and for her future knowledge -- they are schnauzer fans and I assume that any dog they get in the future will be a schnauzer.

    wondering... wondering.... but will never know.

  • Rest in peace, Buster. I'm sorry for your family's loss.

  • So sorry…for your family's loss. It's sad when such young ones have to go. My brother's girl recently passed as well. Her name was Ginger, and blind for a year before her passing at 7 years old. I also wonder... She was rescued as a "lab/sharpai" mix though. But she was the most loyal, gorgeous and sweetest little doggy.

  • That's so sad…Run Free Buster.

    You have to wonder how much Fanconi is misdiagnosed in other dogs. I have a friend with a little Chi that acquired Fanconi. A couple of us with b's suggested she look into it when her Chi was spilling sugar in her urine but didn't have any in her blood. Her vet didn't even want to listen to her about it, just wanted to run more tests. Luckily she took it upon herself to call Dr. Gonto and get a blood gas test done. Little Rosie was on the protocol for quite some time and is now off and doing fine.

  • So sorry for the loss, especially on Christmas - he'll be waiting for your brother on the other side - take heart.

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