So You Think You Can Dance?

  • Anyone here watch this show? I can't dance worth a diddle but I love watching those who can. πŸ™‚


  • Oh I am obsessed!!! I watch it every week. The drama of it all! ha. I love Benji, but then again it seems like everyone does! I Like Allison, Donyelle, and Natalie as well πŸ™‚ So if any of them make it I'll be happy.

  • Oops! I didn't realize I had stuck the video into my post. I thought I had just linked to it. I can remove that if the Admin would like.

    PS. I am having a difficult relationship with my computer right now. I can't play the Benji video and its ticking me off LOL!

  • Hi Robyn,

    I added the video inside your post instead of a link. I think its easier to see it right here instead of going off to another site.

    We also added a new bbcode called [yt], in case anyone wants to add videos inside their posts.

    Thank you,

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