Dancing dog, non b

That was realy good, the Dog makes it look effortless to dance around on her hind legs and she does look like she's enjoying it.

After a miserasble wet day, laid up with an injured leg, and unable to walk the Basenjis, this video gave me such a good laugh. Thank you for posting it!

Patty, I am so very sorry your hurt. What happened? Snuggle in with your b's and get better soon!

Sharron, naturally my injury is Basenji related!! I was walking 3 together when their leads got tangled round my legs. Rather than unwind them I decided to step out of the tangle and just at that moment a deer appeared in the road! I got dragged down the road for some way! One leg got twisted underneath me and the ligaments in my knee and ankle are torn. I won't be doing that again! Lesson well learned!!!

Oh, major ouch! hope your better soon.

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